Saturday, December 31, 2005

Seasoned. Broiled. Baked.

New Year's Eve Eve has come and gone, and we've got the scars to show for it. There was an awesome turn out - and only a couple wine glasses were broken. Those things are disposable in this house. I stopped by Homesense on yesterday to pick some more up. They had a box of 12 for $19.99. The clerk asked if I wanted to check if they were all undamaged - I told him "Why? They're going to end up broken tonight anyways." Not sure if he understood, but who cares.

Here's some pics - more later. Other than that - we're all off to the Shantzes for New Year's Eve (regular Eve) - and another night of drinking. Oy.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

As we know

Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve Eve party. Here is the alcohol that will be at the party. It's a bring year own beer/liquor party - but hey, i'm a good host and I always have a supply on hand. For some reason, the LCBO (the liquor store here in Ontario) does not sell anything with more than 40% alcohol - so all they have is the red lable Smirnoff. I'm not a vodka purist, but I do like my 100 proof - so thankfully I managed to aquire two 1.75ml (60oz) bottles of the blue label Smirnoff from a friend of a friend who found it when it fell off the back of a truck. How much difference does the 10% really make? Well, I'm not sure - but it just makes me feel better.

Out in Utah they only have 3.2% beer. They're mormons, so I guess that could be considered progressive. When I was out there, I asked the beer distributor if there was a difference - and he told me that 5% beer isn't really 5% because they get the alcohol percentage off the entire case, not the individual bottle. Here in Canada, they say their 5% is truly 5% and they view American beer as absolute piss. After two years, I have to say - I can drink a lot more beer in the States when I visit. Is that an effect of drinking a higher alcohol content here? Once again, I have no idea.Colorado has both 5% and 3.2% beer. Supermarkets can only sell 3.2% and liquor stores sell 5%. I'm told this was because at one point, Colorado had two drinking ages - where 18-21 could drink 3.2% and over 21 could drink 5%. That is ridiculous - but then again, it's Colorado. Oh snap.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We're in the nurse's office

The big New Year's Eve Eve fiesta is this Friday - I would like to know how many people are coming, but 45 people haven't responded to the Evite. What the fuck is the point of making a damn Evite if people don't respond? Next time i'm just doing word of mouth and LOST-ish cryptic emails.

I'm really looking forward to this party - hell, I look forward to every party we have or I get to go to. For too many years, I missed out on some good oportunities because I was a freaking idiot. Since I came to my senses two years agao, i've had a much better time. In Florida I owned a really nice house - the first party I threw, well - fifteen people at most showed up. That was the best one I had there. No one ever really accepted an invitation to come over, and no one ever threw a party - so the social scene was hella lame. Bryan (bless his soul) was the only one who ever had people over - and he's from New England, so go figure. Genghis and I would head over for wings and beer and massive amounts of video game playing. My brother would end up on the floor with Brady the dog in what some would consider - compromising positions. Good times for all.

Let me rant. Much Music is showing this year's MTV Movie Awards. The band Yellowcard (who i've never heard of) is playing Simply Red's "Don't you forget about me" as part of a tribute to "The Breakfast Club". It's not the tribute that is getting to me - it's the song. This song was chosen as the my class song when I graduated high school. Now I graduated high school in 1994, many years after this movie came out - and as far as i'm concerned, too soon for any kind of irony to develop that would make it ironic that we chose the song. The class council chose it out of some deranged desire to cleanse my high school of any originality. I attended the Palm Beach County School of the Arts (now Dreyfoos because Alexander Dreyfoos gave a shit load of money). The school itself was a great idea - a magnet program for the entire county. You had to audition to get in, but it was still public - so everyone had a chance, no matter what your background. The problem is, with everything in life, once people started having a good time - the shit got shut down. Two cases in point - First, we had a chance to pick our mascot. The popular choice was the "Headhunters". What was the final pick? Jaguars. Fucking Jaguars man, and there aren't even any jaguars in Florida. Second - we had spirit week instead of homecoming (we had no sports except for soccer, and soccer isn't a real sport) - and each day had a theme. One day was Gender Bender day - and it just happened that a photographer showed up that day from the Palm Beach Post. The next day a photo was printed of a guy dressed in drag (it was an arts school, what do you expect?) - and of course the editortial page the day after was filled with conservative right wingers asking how the school board could support cross-dressing. It was a joke - it wasn't really cross-dressing (for most at least) - but that joke was lost on most of the county, so spirit week was ripped to shreads.

What's my point? I heard a guy define art as "...something that will piss off at least one person..." and i've always liked that. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so pissing someone off is right. Is that A to B to C logic?

Let's review movies -

"Fantastic Four" - ***. It's predictable, but funny.
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - **** way better than the original.
"40 Year Old Virgin" - ** Not as funny as I thought it'd be.
"The Island" - *** as predicatable as "Minority Report" and "Paycheck". It's really the same movie.

Monday, December 26, 2005

They sing together in the kitchen

I'm having trouble typing because I cut my finger nails too close. The tip of my right index finger is inflamed. Shooting pain jolts up my arm every time I press a key. So why I am writing then? Could I not take a break? Well, I could take a break - there's a classic "Battlestar Galactica" marathon on Space right now and TBS is showing back to back "Friends". On CBC, they are showing a Doctor Who movie, and in half an hour the South Park where Cartman forms a Christian rock band is on.

All good excuses to bugger off and get even more fat - but no! - I will not rest. Ok, I completely lied. I am going to rest. Happy Boxing Day!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Oh, the poet.

I'm trying to concentrate on writing, but we're watching "Six Feet Under" and there's just too much going on. It's a repeat, but it's new for me. Due to my business travelling days, I've watched most shows in a very swiss cheese manner. I've given up trying to watch "24" for the last four years, it's impossible if you miss on episode. I've watched every season of "Six Feet Under", but they're all mangled together into one super season - the Pangea of seasons. Laurie is addicted to the show and is watching it for the first time. The problem is I know what's going to happen, just not when. Then an episode will air that i've never seen. Those episodes explain the huge gaps I have in my memory, kind of like how in "Memento", the guy kept on leaving himself clues.

Thanks to magic of DVD and long layovers - i've been able to watch "24" and not miss an episode. My brother also likes the show, and I thought it would be a good idea if we played pretend "24". He does not think this is a good idea, being that i'm nearly 30 and he's 26. One time he called me and said he was having problem getting onto the network at school. I asked him he need me to have Michelle open up a port on the firewall.

"What?" he asked.

I said, "Jack, just tell me what you need me to do."

"Are you playing '24'?"

"Yes, and you have to call me Tony."

"Aren't you 30?"

Sure, sure - i'm 30. Does that mean I can't play pretend "24"? I'm an educated professional and I enjoy pretending i'm a government agent charged with protecting America from both internal and external threats - and within twenty four hours.

Enough about this. My first Christmas in Canada is almost at an end. I've made out like a bandit this year, "24" season 4 box set, a couple sweaters, a bunch of chocolate, a bad ass tool set. I've eaten a lot of food - fondu and turkey and cookies. Cookies. Cookies everywhere!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and see you later this week! NYEE coming up Friday. Word is bond son.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Wake Up In The Afternoon

We're almost at the end of the year and that means that there's a gross amount of retrospectives on tv right now. This morning I was watching the Much Music "Best of Much on Demand 2005" retro. For those who of you who don't know, Much Music is the Canadian version of MTV, except that they play music videos. Oh, you got served MTV. Kelly Clarkson's video for "Since You've Been Gone" was number something, who knows - it doesn't matter. I will be adding that song to my list of perfered songs for karaoke. Yes, seriously. My current karaoke playlist is composed of songs by Avril Lavigne, Guns-N-Roses, Ashlee Simpson, and David Lee Roth (bibbidy bibbidy bop!). I once sang karaoke in a Korean brothel. True story.

There's a part of me that wants to write this story - but for today, I think I will just be cliche and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Charming. Thanks. But.

I'm watching "Degrassi - The Next Generation". This show is some serious shit, way more hardcore than that last Degrassi - which makes me wonder, is it that the show is trying to be over the edge, or have kids gotten to be this fucked up? Now I'm a late bloomer in some respects. I didn't drink (get drunk) until I was 18. It's not that I wasn't "cool" in high school, it's just that the kids who drank in high school were fucking lame and I had better things to do then spend my weekends getting blasted in Wellington, Gardens, or even worse - Boca Raton. Fuck I hate Boca. That's another story. One time I was over at Bryan's with Khansella and we were watching this HBO special on middle school titled "Middle School Confessions". If you have never had the chance to see this, then you are missing out in life. It is one of the funniest, and yet shocking, documentaries ever made. In the confessions made in this are true, then there truly is no hope for the future. There is an insane amount of "sex parties", Abercrombie wearing, and drug abusing kids out there.

Whenever I end up at the mall, i'm always shocked by what I see. Wannabe thugs with baseball hats to the side of their heads; girls who's parents did not see them leave the house - it's really sad. It's sad because i've become old and complain about shit like this - but even more sad that the parents of these kids (who are probably my age or just about) haven't learned a damn thing. If I went out dressed like some of these "bad asses", my dad would have slapped me across the head. Well, that's not true - he would never do that, because we knew to never act or dress like that. To do that would be to disprect ourselves and our parents - and there's a little something called family honour out there.

Wow, i'm freaking old. I'm right - but i'm old. Maybe i'm just mature. Mature. Oh. Sexy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Either you tell us

Let me serious for a moment. Seriously. Down in the middle of North America, there's a big (according to CNN and hoopla about President Bush using warrent-less wiretaps to prevent terrorist attacks. I'm not a fan of the man myself, but he really is in between a rock and a hard place. If he didn't use the wiretaps and there was an attack - everyone would be all over him for letting Americans die. When he does use them, he's violating the constitution. In all fairness, the oath he took never mentioned protecting actual people - it was taken to defend and protect the constitution of the United States of America. The other problem is, this is nothing new - the federal government (and states if they're big enough) have always "bent" the rules in order to do something good. I've read many cliches attached to this story "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", "you're damned if you do, damned if you don't". At the end of the day, there's not much any of us can do - because if he is impeached, then Chenney is in - and well, if that's not scary I don't know what is. I'm sure he's a perfectly nice enough guy, but let's just say i'd stay away from the buffet if he was up there picking at the crab legs if you know what I mean.

I'm not sure I know what I mean. I was trying to coin a new phrase -

"I'd stay away from [insert name here] if he was at the buffet picking at the crab legs". Everyone, your mission is to use this in conversation today.

Here's another thing - I'm not going to see to West Palm for Christmas this year. I went down for Thanksgiving and two times in a month is just out of my budget. I didn't really feel bad about it until every single fucking person I know asked me if I was going down, and when I said I wasn't, asked if my parents will miss me. Now I feel horrible - I sent them both cards and presents and it's probably not enough and my spirits are dampened. This is the first Christmas I won't be with them - and Khansella will be in Mongolia - so i'm sure the ol' Kinsella estate will be a little empty. It was bound to happen eventually - and it's not like we won't go down next year - but I really need everyone to lay off the unintentional guilt trips. It's Christmas for crying out loud.

Ok - that's enough off my chest for now.

Here's some good news, the friendly folks at the LCBO wrote back to inform me that they hadn't stopped selling Singha, they just carry six packs instead of single bottles. I picked up three six packs, but i'll stop by tomorrow to clean them out before the holidays. I highly recommend that everyone try this beer.

Side note - we rented "The House of Wax" staring the guy from "One Tree Hill", the girl who gets chased on "24", and Paris Hilton. It's actually a really good movie and Paris Hilton is not a complete black hole in the film - it's good to see that you can be handed everything in life and still succeed.

Keep on trucking.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Huge Crossover Potential

We all know that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every Christmas party, there is an equal and opposite day of regret. The first big party of the season was Friday night at the newly renovated Delta hotel in downtown Kitchener. Partner in crime Moloquin has a great entry about it, and he makes some good points about how to behave at an event like that.

He also made a good point about anonymitity when blogging. I'm the worst for it since I put my photo and name on the site. I've regretted it a few times, but honestly - nothing I write is embarassing to anyone (more or less), and I never write anything about work (which is, seriously, a fantastic place to work). So, to be proper - I won't go into any details at all. I know, I know - how lame. How could I go tell any story, because they would all require some detail. I'll say this - dinner was beef tips, chicken, and salmon - plus an amazing selection of desserts. See, I told you - no details. How bout photos - everyone likes photos.

On base - Khansella with a new post.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I smoked the wrong end

There was a pretty big snow storm here today - everyone in the office was upset. Everyone but me, for I am insane. I was so excited to get home and shovel. Last weekend I bought a new shovel. It's blue and has a cool concave, ergonomic handle. Most people wouldn't get excited about shoveling or a new shovel - but as you know, i'm not most people. So I shoveled the side walk and drive way - each shovel full of snow bringing me closer to nirvana. The feeling, not the Seattle alternative band popular in the early 90's.

Funny story - I was reading this book by the amazing Chuck Klosterman, "Fargo Rock City". There's a chapter in it where he talks about Nirvana and how "Smells Like Teen Spirit" dropped around the same time that GNR's "Use Your Illusions" 1 & 2 came out. But when we look back, it seems like they are so far apart. As I get older, I keep on running into time gaps like this. I think I did something one year, and it was really a completely different point in my time line. Even worse than that is when I forget complete episodes.

Here's an example. A couple years ago I went to my friend Katie's wedding down in Alpharetta, GA. She married her, for lack of a better term, college sweetheart Chris. Chris is an awesome guy. We were all in university together, they were one year behind me. Katie and I went to high school together for three years too, so already there's too much history to keep track of. Anyways - Chris and I became friends before he and Katie met. They were both in the film school and when they did meet, they didn't like each other at all. This was all funny because a year or so later they're inseparable. In the time while they weren't friends - i'd have parties, and Chris - along with other people from the station (long story) - would come over to the townhouse I lived in and we'd party. Alcohol (and someone begging Katie for sex, but not Chris nor myself) was often involved, so memories fade.

Jump forward to Katie and Chris's wedding. The night before, we're all Chris's parent's house having some drinks and Chris mentions the time we found Elton Nakagawa passed out under the coffee table. Not only had I forgotten that had happened, but I had also forgotten who Elton even was. Now, Elton was a 250 pound or so Samoan guy - which is pretty hard to forget. It should even be more hard to forget since there was a giant Samoan under the coffee table. But there you go, I forgot. This happens more and more, which is kind of disconcerting. Before my brother left for Mongolia, I told him the best thing he could ever do for himself was to keep a journal. I didn't keep one when I lived in Moscow, and i've always regretted it. There are so many great memories from that time, but how many other great (or mediocre) ones have I missed? He's not keeping one of course. One day he'll have a kid, and he'll tell that kid to keep a journal. My future nephew won't of course. Time keeps on, keeping on.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You really sure?

I smell torilla chips. I'm not sure where that is coming from. It's not here in the living room. I was thinking about tracking it down, but then if I found the source - and it was tortilla chips - then i'd need salsa too. That's just a lot of work, and I just got home from work. What did I do today? Well, I dropped off three post dated cheques to Matt at Bauer Loft's for my parent's loft. It's not my money, so it's ok. I bought some Christmas presents today - no peeking - and I wrapped them. It's a typical Wednesday. No poker this week at Moloquin's. I'm skipping out to spend the money and yet more Christmas presents.

I hope everyone sent a card to my brother - because if you didn't, it's too late now - but you're still in time for St. Patrick's Day (or Valentine's Day if your heart desires) - so get cracking.

Today I tried to not say "yes" or "no". What? That's correct - I tried my hardest. It's actually quite difficult. Where did I get that idea from? This link over at Wikipedia on Irish English. I'm Irish and when i'm intoxicated, I have a pretty good accent. Still - there are some coloquialisms and morphologies that I didn't learn growing up. There are a lot I do know - for example, "How are you?" is "Haw are yous?". Another example would be the constant use of "Yer Man" as a pronoun. I've even got Laurie using that now. But I digress, the hard one is not saying "yes" or "no". It comes from that in Irish, there isn't a yes or no - so you'd answer back with the verb. Example; "Is the light on?" - Answer: "It is."

Is this the end of this post? Sho' nuff.

New Chuck Klosterman commentary over at ESPN.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My car is right there

It's Tuesday, i'm in love. Shouldn't that be Friday - probably only if I was in "The Cure". The only memory I have that involves "The Cure" is listening to one of their CD's while I rode around a golf course with an ad agency assistant on a golf course shoot. She drove a Honda Civic and went to the University of Miami. That's all I really remember - that and the golf course was built on a dump and the developers failed to tell any of the people who bought the high six figure homes there. Nice, really nice. Buyer beware.

I'm not sure where this going, or where it's really coming from. Or maybe I do. I was day dreaming about travelling yesterday. Sometimes I miss travelling every week - but then the reality of the situation comes back. There were times i'd be in a truck stop town with only a Subway and a McDonalds as the restaurants in town. I'd be there for two weeks and the highlight would be when i'd be back at the hotel in time to catch a new "South Park" episode on Comedy Central. Still, I always try to make the best of any situation - and it was great to see parts of America that most American's don't know exist. Plus, who can beat a 6-inch turkey sub and "Cartman"?

Then of course there'd be the trips where the hotel was a month old and had a Starbucks, Jamba Juice and random Asian fusion restaurant in the parking lot. The days would start early, and end early and the mall had some great stores. I'd take a day trip over the weekend to a national park and go for a hike. There'd be a boat to Victoria Island or a free lift ticket to Park City. I ran into Faiz at Timmy's today - and we were talking about his last gig. He had a good time, and he remembered what I told him a couple months ago - for every great trip - there are four ok ones. The thing you have to do is get the job done 110% perfect - and let everything else unfold as it will. You're not there for a vacation - but a little side trip never hurts.

Is this some metaphor for life? Maybe i'm saying (and saying the obvious) that once you get your ducks in the row, that you can then pursue that which makes you happy? Maybe i'm saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? Or maybe, i'm saying i'd like another glass of wine and some tacos. Who knows. How 'bout this - have a great day.

Also - Greg is going to Publix corporate tomorrow and i'm jealous. I love Publix.

Setting up shop

It's freaking freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth. Take a look at that screen's -19 degrees. In U.S. temperature, that's below 32 - that's all I know. I've complete forgotten how to tell temperature in F. I have also forgotten how to spell F. I can spell Celsius. To be honest, it has taken me the better part of two years to switch to Celsius and the metric system. During all my years of schooling in Florida, I know we looked at metrics - but I can't remember a test or homework involving it. Everything was in imperial - except for liquor and soda. Want to hear the weirdest thing (even though I've mentioned it before) - liquor is in ounces here. 26'er, 40, and 60. That's a 750ml, a 1.14ml, and 1.75ml respectively. A fifth is called a Mickey. That gets me angry - it was one of two things I knew in metrics and now I have to use ounces. I'll get over it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tell me the first thing that pops in your head.

It's after 9pm on a Saturday night and I'm sitting upstairs trying to get my computer working. Not the one i'm typing on - that one works. The PC in question is the all powerful Dell Dimension 4100. I've had this thing for over five years now - it's been through a fire and a move to Canada. It's a beast - and sadly, it won't start up right. I've got the thing running in "safe mode" and i'm defragging the harddrive. I'm not even sure what the hell defragging does - I write programs, I don't actually build computers - so that kind of information escapes me sometimes.

What is important is that all of my downloaded music (legally from iTunes because i'm a goodie-goodie) is on this fucking thing. I should say that. All of my downloaded music is on the amazing Dell Dimension 4100 PC. Oh wonder of modern computing with your 833mhz Pentium III processor and 160 gigabyte serial ATA hard disk. You are the apitamy of beauty with your 15 inch LCD and 16x CD-R/RW drive. Hopefully unsolicited compliments will get this thing running. If I keep complimenting this thing, I might even get it's phone number. Other than that - I really don't have anything planned for the night. Tomorrow starts three weeks of no-stop partying, so I need to get my rest in and laundry done. We bought a Christmas tree today - it's a spunky little tree. It really stood out of the crowd, in the way a puppy with three legs does. Canadian Tire sells these funky lights that are LED instead of normal bulbs. They are advertised as saving on energy costs. The thing they should advertised for is causing seizures. If you shake them around, you feel like you're at a rave. I've never actually been to a rave, there's something about euro-trash techno and pacifiers that never really did it for me - but i'm sure these lights give the same effect. They don't cause you to make out with your brother - which is probably a good thing.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thank you. Whatever.

Today is the 25th anniversary of when my family immigrated to America. Let's just say that it's not exactly celebrated. It's not that my family doesn't love America - hell, my mom was born in Philly. It's just there are other places they'd rather be. For instance, i'm in Ontario and my brother is Mongolia. To best sum up the feelings of the day, here is a poem written by my father -

"It was 25 years ago to-day
that the wife made me come to the USA
Now its time that I can get away
And leave the USA.

Next verse

Jesus I've become a poet and a metro-sexual.

Boris Ivanivich"

True story - we landed in New York five minutes after John Lennon was shot outside his apartment. My dad always said it was a sign and that we should have gotten back on the plane and headed back to Ireland. Maybe i'm painting us in a bad light? We're not un-American. In so many ways, we're more American than the regulars (born citizens). We live the American dream (and now Canadian dream) and never take it for granted. How more American can you be (as I sit in Waterloo drinking a vodka tonic)?

Side note - I think Micha Barton and Ryan should break up. They're just not honest with each other, even though Ryan admitted he had a lap dance and Micha Barton fell asleep with the surfer dude. Just a thought.

How long till a new LOST?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much

Last nigh me and Bardia hung out while the women folk went birthday drinking. He has these molds that make ice shot glasses - so everyone did a couple shots before heading out. We started out at Cyranos on King Street. Their menu is pretty standard steak house fare - nothing too interesting. We had a couple drinks and an order of crab cakes. Next we went to Hernando's Hideaway for margaritas and the El Sampler Grande - nothing like taquitos, flautas, and quesadillas to soak up the mix of tequila and vodka.

Speaking of vodka - next we went to Pravda Vodka Bar. They have over 50 different vodkas - i'm not sure even I could work my way through them all. I tried a Moskavkaya and this Wokka one which is a mix of vodka and saki. After that we grabbed a slice of pizza to soak up more alcohol and then headed to P.J. O'Brien's for a couple pints. The final destination for the night was the Bier Markt at the Esplanade. The Bier Markt has over 100 different beers from around the world, with almost 40 on tap. Of course they were out of Singha - which just proves that there's a conspiracy against me. I just wrote the LCBO to see if they've stopped selling it.

Anyways - the band playing at the Bier Markt was BB Divine. I can't really find anything on them on the internet - but if I could I would try to get them to play a gig somewhere here in Waterloo. They're a cover band of pop and Top 40 tunes - but they sound like a cross between No Doubt and Black Eyed Peas.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How could it not be breezy?

I want this Hasbro Zoom Box thing. It's a LCD projector with built-in DVD player - and it seems to be marketed towards those tweens. I hate the whole idea of tweens having their own demographic. Think about it for a moment. Here's a group of people with no source of income other than their parents - and they are now like the second or third biggest group of consumers out there. So basically, they spend their parent's hard earned money on shit like the latest Ashley Simpson CD or a Hello Kitty massager (vibrator). Their purchasing habits then dictate R&D dollars at movie studios, clothing designers, etc... It's a horrible vicious cycle.

Not that I have anything against Ashley Simpson's first CD - that was some great work for someone who's gotten a record deal because of her sister. I wish I could get a record deal because of my brother, but sadly he is as tone deaf than me. He's possibly more tone deaf.

Let me bore you with what I did today. My parent's saw these Bauer Lofts that are being built here. They have some disposable income - and they decided to purchase a loft at pre-construction prices. They say it's an investment. I say it's part of a plan to move near me. I don't mind - they are awesome people and they pick up the bar tab a lot. So anyways, because of distance and lack of knowledge of international banking - i've gone ahead and used their money to purchase a loft for them. It's technically not mine, but now I feel like a real estate tycoon.
Two pieces of property!!! Alright! Two bad I have to transfer the title to them later. Still, for now I can bask in the glorious light of capitalism.

Seacrest out.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It doesn't hurt to truncate

I hadn't been to West Palm Beach for over a year. My main goal was to get Cuban food because there is no Cuban food in Waterloo, save for what I make here. How good is an Irishman's Cuban cooking? It's not that bad actually. I got independent verification of that because I took my dad and Laurie to Don Ramon's - which is by far the best Cuban restaurant in West Palm. So we had the Cuban food. It was good. I was also able to go to La Salsa and get tacos. On Monday, after the funeral, we went to Cheesecake Factory and overindulged in cheesecake. A fitting wake if I do say so myself. Thursday was turkey and damn good turkey. My parents have become experts - roasted potatos, shredded spicy carrots, sausages, and bread sauce - which is a real Irish side dish no one has ever heard of.

I'm freaking tired for now - and i've had a couple beers and some tacos, so i'm going to drift off to sleep with the fine detectives of Law and Order SVU.

I'll leave with a quote from a fine film, "Road House" -

"All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it's absolutely necessary. And three, be nice."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Aren't you the Prime Minister?

Prize idiot? I'm watching "Love Actually" right now. My parents have digital cable with every movie channel available and it's not good for me. Tonight i've watched parts of "Dodge Ball", "Scary Movie 3", "Blade: Trinity", and now here I am watching the end of "Love Actually". Here's my problem - I really like this movie. I'm a romantic guy. Luckily, i'm not a hopeless romantic. Case in point -

One time I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go see "Wimbledom" with Kirsten Dunst and that guy who married Jennifer Connolly. She didn't know what to say. I was just asking because I thought she wanted to see a romantic comedy. She did not. I did not. Thank goodness we both admitted that neither of us wanted to see it or we'd have sufferred through that pile of crap. I only know it's a pile of crap due to the fact that is was the inflight movie two months later. I watch whatever Delta shows - I even watch "Coach Carter" twice. That's neither here nor there.

Maybe I'm not romantic. Perhaps I harbor some weird kind of desire to be English. That would suck because i'm Irish and I believe they revoke your citizenship for wanting to be Hugh Grant-ish. I could be wrong, but who knows.

Oh - the scene were Colin Firth proposes to that Portugese bird is coming up. Did I just refer to a woman as a bird? Holy shit! I'm becoming British watching this film. Now all I need is a cup of tea and then I can invade a third world country on expand the Empire. That sounds kind of sexual. I'm so repressed. See - even more British.

Ok, fuck this - i'm turning it off and going to bed. It's giving me an awful fright. "Awful fright"? What is wrong with me.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

4 8 15 16 23 42

I've become a fan of the show "LOST" this season. Last year I was travelling all the time - so I never got a chance to watch. I was going to get the DVD's, but i'm cheap - so I just read all the entries at Wikipedia and i've got a good idea of what is going on.

There is this site,, that is supposedly some kind of either viral marketing ploy or third-party spoiler site for the show. It's the creepiest fucking thing ever. The images change every day and link to sites that have nothing to do with the show. It's driving me mad. Here is an example of one of the images.

If "24" did shit like this, then i'd never leave the house. I told my girlfriend that if I had a son I would name him Jack Bauer Kinsella. She didn't think it was that hot of an idea.

I'm burping up chicken wings right now (how pleasant) and it's got me thinking about tacos. Sure, sure, that's a very Ulysses-ish stream of conscience thought process, but it works for me. This isn't the best week for eating. I've reserved myself to the fact that i'll add on pounds because It's Thanksgiving. Well, I love tacos. You can't get tacos in Waterloo - well, you can at Taco Bell - but that doesn't count. They have taco Tuesday at Ethel's - but you have to wait.

When i'm in Maui - which is not often enough - you can go to Maui Tacos and they are fantastic. They are opening all over the mainland now - you should go to Maui Tacos website and check out your nearest location. Heads up to travellers - there's one in the Raleigh Durham airport.

I'm off to watch "My Name is Earl" - y'all come back now - ya hear.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Votre boisson est sur la maison

I'm in West Palm Beach a couple days earlier than expected. Previously, the plan was to get here Thursday afternoon in time for stuffing ourselves silly with turkey and prepping for the coke binge of shopping known as Black Friday. Unfortunately, a very good friend and mentor of mine died on Friday and his memorial service is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I changed my ticket yesterday and here I am - in what was once my bedroom and now is my dad's office. I was going to write about the saying " can never go home again...", but let's be honest. That shit has been done a thousand times over. Let's talk about something interesting. Let's talk about drinking.

Sure, sure - that is a common theme. My mom is worried about how often drinking comes up in these essays. I've tried to reassure her that it's not juvenille debauchery. I'm actually concerned that I didn't spell that correctly. Anyways - my job and, well my lifestyle just involve drinking. I have a good friend who is married and has kids. We'll talk on a Sunday afternoon and i'll mention that I just woke up. My head pounding from dehydration brought on my too many pitchers of Waterloo Dark the night before. Now my friend is a husband to a very intelligent and beautiful woman, and a father to two wonderful children - so dropping $100 on pitchers of beer on a Saturday night is not in his normal routine. He has on occasion replied that his lifestyle doesn't include the partying that I am involved in. There are times that I wonder if i'm acting imature (nonsense) or just refuse to grow up (bullshit because I have a mortgage and that means your an adult).

We all enter the varying phases of life at different times. I'm twenty nine - many of my friends are married. Hell, many of my friends are divorced. I've not taken that step - I will one day. My mom and my girlfriend's mom wish that day was, oh I don't know - Tuesday - but everything happens when it is supposed to happen.

On the wonderful Air Canada flight from Toronto to West Palm today, my vodka tonic was on the house. Or airplane as it would be. People hate Air Canada and I can't figure out why. This is the fifth or sixth time i've gotten a free drink - so what is the problem? They left fifteen minutes late - who cares as long as we get to the destination.

During the flight, I was able to read my favourite magazine - Entertainment Weekly. It's the first issue i've read in about six months - and I do miss it. There's an interview with the actor Christopher Plummer in this issue and he has a great quote. The interviewer is asking Plummer about a string of bad films made after the Sound of Music. Plummer answers that he drank his way through that time. The interviewer than says "...The whole idea of inebration-as-pastime is passe now...." to which Plummer responds,

"I know! Isn't it awful? We're back to puritanical times. So many people don't understand, we didn't neccessarily drink because we had problems. We drank 'cause we adored it! We adored getting drunk, you assholes! Don't tell me that it isn't fun! I can't bear that. 'Oh, you must have had some awful childhood, that you drank like that.' Nonsense! Actually, I was taught as a child to drink. I cam from a family that loved wine. I was 12, I think, when I was drinking wine with dinner. I'm glad I had fun and lived in a fun time."

I'll drink to that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

There's no way to know for sure

I just saw the commercial for Leon's furniture that Laurie kept on talking about yesterday. The theme is "Ho! Ho! Hold the Payments!!" Seriously - Ho! Ho! Hold the Payments. I've only bought three pieces of furniture here in Waterloo - the couch, chair, and my mattress. I bought the mattress for two reasons. First, it is a Serta and they have those sheep in their commericals. Second, because it came with a free DVD player. Sure, the DVD player is probably worth $15 dollars and I paid an extra $75 to get the higher end mattress because it came with a DVD player. That's the way I role - advertising works on me.

I took an advertising class at Florida State during my junior year. The professor told us once, "...advertising is the art of convincing you to buy stuff you can't afford for people you don't like and that they don't want...". He was specifically referring to the approaching holiday season - but I guess you could apply that to any season. I'm not a "holiday shopper". I can never think of something to buy before Mother's Day or Father's Day. Those holidays are bullshit nonsense. Isn't it just nice to buy something for someone when the moment hits you. You can always find the best gift for someone when you're not looking.

At the end of the semester, the professor tells us that he used to be the vice president of marketing for Burger King. He was making high six figures a year, giant house, blah blah blah. One day he realized that his life was empty because he wasn't with his family and he wasn't giving back to people. He quit his job, took his cash, and got a job teaching. Some people in class said that it was bullshit - he just burned out. Other's said that it's easy to quit your job when you've got a couple million in the bank. At the end of the day - no matter what his reasons or circumstances, he was doing something that made him happy and you can't really call him on that.

I watch Fight Club every so often. Personally, I really enjoy the movie - except for when they make fun of Ikea. I like Ikea. My kitchen island is from Ikea and it is very utilitarian - and it was a floor model - so fuck you Tyler. I would apologize to Tyler, but that would show weakness. I had a point - oh yes, so the characters in the movie shrug off materialism - and that is tempting. Of course i'm typing these words on a bloody iBook.

I'm the world's worst communist.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

We've got rules

I'm going to say something, and I want to know to know if it makes me a bad person. I'm looking forward to getting married - one day in the future - for many, many reasons. One of those many, many reasons is the Kitchen Aid Mixer. Oh glorious Kitchen Aid mixer. Once I have you, I will actually bake cakes from scratch and not use a box mix anymore. With you, I will mix many a mixture of ingredients - creating culinary masterpieces that will make people weep. I have problems.

My entire kitchen cookbook consists of recipes where the main ingredient is chicken. I make a good curry - tonight I made curry pot pie - which is just curry in a pie with Major Grey's Mango Chutney on top. It's very good if I do say so myself. For a central Asian dish - I make great shashlik - which are just kabobs - but I marinate them in beer and garlic.

I'm making myself hungry. It's not helping that i'm watching Iron Chef America on Food Network Canada. It's "Battle Clams" with Iron Chef Cora defending Kitchen Stadium against Chef Sam Choy of Hawai'i. I don't even like clams - I can't stand any seafood if it's cooked - and yet, i'm here salivating. I think it has to do with Chef Choy being from Hawai'i. I'm a complete wannabe Hawai'ian. Two visits and they have me converted. I told a guy I was working for there that we were island brothers because i'm technically an islander too. Ireland is an island afterall - it may not be in the pacific - but we islanders have that islande mentality. I'm not sure what the islander mentality is - but I don't care.

I'm going to sit here now for the next hour and convince myself I can go to the supermarket, buy some fish, and then take it home to eat. It won't happen - but it's healthy to dream.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Uptown with a discount

I took the day off from work today. I have a distgusting amount of vacation days left and I need to take them before the year is over. Anyways - it was just an errand/relax day. We went to lunch at this new place called St. Louis Ribs and Wings. The only reason we went was because they had a chili pepper in their logo like Chili's and it got us excited. We love Chilis. Anyways - it wasn't anything like Chilis, but that wasn't a bad thing. I had a pulled pork sandwich and Laurie had a Phily cheesesteak sandwich - both were awesome. Laurie likes the place because they have Alexander Keith's on tap - which very few places do around here. Where am I going with this story? Ok - right, errands. We ran errands - nothing too excited. Later, I went to return some empties at the Beer Store. I noticed that Sleeman's has a new beer in their premium "John Sleeman Presents..." line. It's an India Pale Ale - and it's 5.3%. I've got a buzz already.

Tomorrow is leaf raking day. The yard is burried under 3 feet of leaves. Home ownership has it's pluses and minuses.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Baked Goods

My brother and I lived together in West Palm for the year before we went to UW.  He used to bake a Betty Crocker yellow layer cake with chocolate icing for no reason and we’d the whole thing while watching South Park.  There’s no point to this, I was only reminded of the cake eating because he just posted over at his site and mentioned eating cookies and cakes at a bakery somewhere in Mongolia.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't Play Me

From CNN, Kansas has set back civilization by 1,000 years. Way to go. It was a 6-4 vote in favour of adding "intelligent design" into the lesson plans. The six who voted for the change are Republicans. Two Republicans and two democrats voted against. Here's a great quote -

"This is a sad day. We're becoming a laughingstock of not only the nation, but of the world, and I hate that," - board member Janet Waugh.

It's been a long day - so in place of my usual post, here is a link to a column by the great Chuck Klosterman -

Leave Chuck's Sports Alone

Monday, November 07, 2005

Shao and Lin

I'm tone deaf. This isn't a sudden revelation. I've know it for a long time, as have all the fucking people who tell me "You're tone deaf" when I sing along. Tone deafness isn't something I can help - it's just something I was born with - that and my rugged, handsome good looks and amazingly large ego.

My tone deafness is actually the one thing about myself that I would change if I could. I know most guys would go for the six pack abs, the nice calves (why?), no bald spot, etc... To hell with that - I want to sing. Oh wow, that sounded so bad. So bad. I don't want to sing in a chorus or anything like that, I just want to sound better when someone turns down the stereo before I can notice.

The tone deaf nation can be divided into two groups - the shower singers and the car singers. I am defintely a car singer - which is probably why no one wants to drive with me. The dead give away of my car singing habit is that I leave the car stereo blasting at it's highest level when I get out. It has to be at the highest volume so I can't hear myself. This of course leads to the unfortunate deafening of unsuspecting passengers. My girlfriend should know better know - but the blasting still gets her every so often. I'm trying to be better and remembering that not everyone in the parking lot needs to hear Wu Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M." at full blast at 8am. On a side Wu Tang note - I keep my expense reports in a directory named "Cash Rules Everything Around Me - Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all". Yes, i'm that guy.


On a complete side note - my brother (who posts over at Khansella) is going to be spending Christmas in Mongolia. I think that is also a title of a song. Anyways, it'd be awesome if everyone could send him a Christmas card. The postage is not overly priced at all and it would totally rock if all you random people sent him something. His address is below


Sunday, November 06, 2005

You have to wait

Bryan was up here in Waterloo this weekend to check out the house and drink a lot. I ended up drinking a lot last night and have been paying for it all day. He has this awesome job at a wine importer and distributor, so he's become a wine expert - and he was kind enough to bring up a couple bottles for us to enjoy. Laurie and her friend Christine came over for dinner where we attempted to pair the wines with the one course dinner. It was a damn good dinner I must say - grilled chicken, mixed veggies, and my new speciality - risotto.

For wine, we had:

  • 2002 Chateau de Parenchere

  • 2004 Dr. L Reisling

  • 2005 Gold

  • The Gold is insane - it's like wine version of Gold Schlager. Little specs of gold floating around - and it ended up producing the same effect in me that schlager does - those who know of the damage will understand.

    Anyways - after those bottles, we dipped into my cheap wine cabinet - cleared it out. Then Tesh, Dempster, Russ, Jen, their friend Steve, and Aisling showed up for drinks and we dipped into the vodka. As I said before, I have been paying for last night all day. Good times had by all. The late, great comedian Mitch Hedberg had a one liner that summed up the night;

    "I saw a wino eating some grapes and I was like, 'Dude - you have to wait.'"

    My exciting news is that Zehrs (the grocery store here) has plantains - can't figure out why they have them now, but I won't complain. I'm making a kick ass Cuban dinner one night this week. I'm going for pachuga a la plancha, tostones, maduros, and of course black beans and rice.

    Here are photos from Saturday night.

    Bryan and Laurie

    Dempster, Bryan, Aisling, and Tesh

    Christine, Bryan, and Laurie

    Monday, October 31, 2005

    Friday, October 28, 2005

    Goat Boy Would Be Proud

    I received a broadcast message at work today looking for a missing FedEx package.  The email reads;


    Hello Team,
    The following Fed Ex Package was signed for by : J Gieles yesterday at 1;27
    Tracking Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  It was from xxxxxxx”

    I wrote back;

    “I don’t where the package is, but I think his baby is a centerfold if that helps.
    Does anyone remember the 80’s?”

    Personally, I think this is the funniest email I have ever written – that might not be saying much – but come on – J. Giles Band – it’s awesome!

    Carry on.

    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Mothers and Daughters and Toyotas

    Toyota has a commerical up here that's on heavy rotation. A mother and daughter are driving in a car around your typical suburban neighborhood. The daughter asks the mother how her date went last night. The mother responds that it went well. Next the daughter asks how the gentleman suitor is. The mother responds that he is doing well. The daughter remarks - "No mom, how IS he?" By placing the emphasis on the word "is", the daughter is asking how the mother's gentleman suitor performs sexually.

    How does a daughter asking her mother about her obviously extra-marital sexual encounters make me want to buy a Toyota? Now, if they would go into some detail - maybe i'll start thinking about it.

    Were there special outfits or toys involved? If yes, then i'm thinking Corolla.

    Does the young, nubile French maid join in? If yes, maybe a Camry Solara.

    Is there is a midget? If yes, i'd say that's worth a 4Runner.

    I'm not going to mention what would earn a Celica - but let's just say it involves a llama, Major Grey's Mango Chutney, a bag of minature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and an Ashlee Simpson CD. Don't ask.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Dinner is served.

    I travel a lot for work. It's good and it's bad - one of the goods is that I get to experience awesome restaurants around the country and sometimes get to go back for seconds. Here's a list of my top 10.

    10. Sophie's Thai Kitchen
    129 E Street East
    Davis, CA 95616

    Honestly one the best Thai restaurants outside of Thailand. The menu is extensive and quite wallet friendly. Sophie's has a great bar too - and they stock it with 22oz Singha bottles. Davis is home to UC Davis, so the crowd is college kid heavy. My favourite dish is their Jungle Chicken Curry. I'm also partial to the Fresh Spinach with Peanut Sauce - but i'm a peanut sauce freak.

    9. Tandoor
    7801 West Broad Street
    Richmond, VA 23294

    I had Easter dinner there once while on the road for work - definitely my home away from home. Richmond is a great city and has it's share of amazing restaurants - but the Tandoor is nice hidden gem.

    8. Pi Tom's
    6 Alexander St.
    Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1B4

    My favourite place to eat in Toronto - really because of their Chicken Peanut dish. I swear it's just peanut butter melted and served with chicken. Awesome. The Eaton Centre is right across the street too.

    7. The Great Dane
    123 East Doty Street
    Madison, WI 53703

    If Madison is the greatest university town/state capitol (which I think it is), then The Great Dane is the greatest brewery/restaurant in Madison. Favourite beer has to be their Crop Wheat Circle - a great wheat beer served with a slice of lemon. I've stumbled back to the hotel/apartment way to many times after a dinner of their African Peanut Stew (damn peanuts again - this is a theme) and five or six glasses of the wheat. They have a second location in Fitchburg which is great too.

    6. Rula Bula
    401 S. Mill Avenue
    Tempe, AZ 85281

    A guy told me this place has the best pint of Guinness outside of Dublin - a claim many make, but few live up too. Rula Bula actually does have a damn good pint - and the more you have, the better they get. Any Irish pub can make bangers and mash - Rula Bula too - and they make a damn good serving.

    5. Tripps
    9318 W. Broad Street
    Richmond, VA 23294

    Oh trips and your delicious pre-dinner bread. I could spend hours there - I have spent hours there. My boss knows I love this place so much, he once called me while he was having dinner to tell me how good the Santa Fe Chicken Pasta was. Damnit

    4. First Street Haven Restaurant
    107 East First Street
    Port Angeles, WA 98362

    Great sandwichs - and awesome breakfeasts. I spent two weeks in Port Angeles and I ate at First Street five or six times. Port Angeles is an awesome town - everyone should go.

    3. Mulligan's on the Blue
    Maui, Hawai'i

    Maui. Irish Pub. What else do you need to know? Want bangers and mash - done. Want seared ahi - done? Guinness - best pint you can get in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I've had the opportunity to eat there six times now and I would go back in a second. Sure, i'd have to go back to Maui to get there - but i'm willing to suffer.

    2. Gloster 205
    205 North Gloster
    Tupelo, MS 38804

    Gloster 205 is in a converted 19th century estate house - it's got damn good ambiance - and amazing strawberry butter. Go and get a steak.

    1. Oregano's
    523 W. University Drive
    Tempe, AZ

    I've always had to wait in line to get into Oregano's - and there's a reason for that, it's delicious and the servings are gigantic. I love the Pablo Picasso Mexico Salada - fajita chicken, romain lettuce, cheddar cheese, cilantro, tomatoes, onions - all served under a delicious spicy chipotle dressing. Tempe rocks - and one of the reasons is this restaurant.


    I have gum on my shoe.  Not on the sole of the shoe, on the side of my shoe.  How did that happen?  Has my duck stance gotten so bad that I walk on the sides of my feet?  

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    This is fun.

    I was going to rag on my brother Ritchie over at Khansella - who has time to read the humours, hipster, twelve page reviews of LOST from Television Without Pity, but he doesn't have time to write a blog entry more than twice a month. Good time management. How tall are you? I was going to rag on him, but then he posted - and an new flickr photo gallery to top it off. I'm shocked.

    Last Friday we went to Phil's (home of $1.75 drinks) for my cousin Aisling's birthday. My my - it was super drunk evening. Phil's is a unique bar here in Waterloo. First, the drinks are exceptionally cheap. I'm not sure what they are actually serving - it could be rubbing alcohol for all I know. Next - the mix of people at Phil's is a strange mix of emo, punk, and frat/sorority types. The line to get in (one of the few lines you'd ever find at a place here) is like a mini-melting pot of culture. Ok, so emo is not a culture - but you get get my idea. Once you get past the bouncers, you walk down a flight of stairs into a dimly lit, well - the only real description I can use is fire trap. You kind of get the feeling that if this place went up in flames that no one would be getting out. I'm sure there are sprinklers and fire exits - but let's just say I keep close to the main exit. Since it's such a cheap place to drink, the average customer tips a quarter. I'm not cheap (i'm not rich either), but I always tip a dollar a drink (give or take) - so when I got two double vodka tonics for Laurie and I (each) - I tipped three dollars. The blonde dreadlocked bartender looked like a deer caught in headlights. What's good about that is that everytime I went back to crowded bar, he would come over to me before going to first, which is always nice.

    It's a young crowd there - i'm not old, but I am 29 - which is about eight years older than the average age there. What's screwed is that everytime a song came on that I knew, I'd say "... this song came out when I was in grade 11..." which only made it obvious that I was, well, not 21. This guy Matt who came with Ashy said he thought I was 26 - that made me feel good.

    I'm just trying to get over a freaking cold now. Damn cold!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Cold got to be. You know? Shiiiiit.

    I have lived in Canada for a while now - almost two years - and i've learned a lot about how Canadians and Americans are very similiar. Yet there are some astounding differences. I've written about the weird shape differences between Corn Pops when you cross the border. There's also the mystery of the missing " ' " in "Reese's Peanut Butter Cups".

    You think that is strange, you have no idea. Please sit down.

    Seriously, sit down.

    Taco Bell has french fries in Canada.

    Yes - you read that right. They have cheesy fries at the Taco Bell and from my research, i've found that fries are the most popular item at Taco Bell. This is of course from my non-scientific survey of five people in my living room while drinking. I've yet to try them. I might do it tomorrow and then post some photos - if any one is interested.

    On another strange note - Canadians dip their grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup. Again - seriously.

    But I would never leave Canada - it's just too awesome of a place to live. Seriously.

    Monday, October 17, 2005

    What you got is it.

    First - new link to Tesh's blog.

    One thing about blogging that has gotten my attention is the anonymity of it all. Sure, it's actually kind of liberating being anonymous - you can say many things you'd never normally say. The problem I have is that my blog's name is my name. Hell, I have my photo over there to the right. I'm not really in anonymity anyways because I'm at attention whore. Yes - it's true. I really wanted to be a rock star. I can't sing or play an instrument, so that plan was shit canned. Then in a druken moment of philosophying (sp) I realized that it is possible to be a "rock star" at anything you do. So I decided to be the rock start installer. It worked for a while.

    I travelled first class (most of the time), had limos (sometimes), groupies (never) and all the while did a bad ass job of whatever it was I was doing. Now I'm being a rock star developer - but the problem is there is no first class anything. I have an addiction to first class flying. For the first six months of the year I must have flown first class almost 80% of the time thanks to my Gold Medallion status with Delta Airlines. Those big comfy seats, free drinks, and this one time I was in first class of a Boeing 767-400 ER with the fancy in-seat video where I was able to watch "Dodge Ball" while I wet my whistle with some mighty fine vodka tonics. All this at 7am in the morning. Ah, first class.

    I don't miss totally though - because for every first class flight was a 4am wake up time and other week away from home. Thank goodness my girlfriend is the most understanding woman on Earth (and appreciative of the free tickets my travel earned).

    Travel is fun - but it'll be the shit out of you. I think that's the moral of this story. If there is a moral. This needs a story.

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Ein Prosit

    It's Sunday and Oktoberfest is over for another year. Friday night was the big Oktoberfest Tour thanks to fine folks at Molson Coors and my new friend Jen. We started out at the Delta Hotel in downtown Kitchener where we met the other contest winners and got our tickets for the nights events. The tour included dinner, big-ass Excursion limos, and tours of four festhallens of the Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest. This was the first year of the contest and everyone was excited about the tour (and drinking).

    The first stop was Hubertushaus in Manheim where we had a fantastic authentic German dinner of schnitzel, sausage, saurkraut, and a bunch of other things I can't spell. Dinner was insanely good - I could have eaten ten times as much as I did - but it would have ruined the night. Hubertushaus is a hunting and fishing club and one of the older German clubs in the area.

    Next we headed to Schwaben Haus for dancing and drinking. The band had everyone do a German version of a congo line and lots of chicken dancing.

    The third stop was Altes Muenchen Haus (Queensmount) for yet more drinking (and shots). This was the only hall i'd been to before. We did a couple of these pre packaged shots where the two ingredients are seperated. It's very strange, but also very good - if you're into chick drinks like that.

    Finally, we arrived at the Concorida Club - which is the most coveted of tickets for festhallen. I think it really lived up to the hype - the crowd was up and dancing and drinking and eating. The cool thing about Concorida is that there are different booths setup - you can easily get lost in that place.

    It was a great chance to see some halls I would never normally go to - or know even existed. It was also a great chance to consume an ridiculous amount of Molson product - including Canadian and those damn Canadian 6.0 Cold Shots. They are little 10oz cans with 6 percent alcohol per serving and they are like eating M&Ms. Actually, they are like eating Lays - you can't drink just one. You can drink about twelve though.

    Here are a couple photos from the night.

    And yet more photos - can be found here