Sunday, July 24, 2005

Grills vs. BBQs

While I continually find new things that are different between the U.S. and Canada, the one item that gets me is that they call grills BBQs. Maybe this a little thing, and maybe i'm wrong - but I always though the object outside that you cooked on was a grill and that you could make BBQ chicken on a grill, and that you grilled steaks on a grill, etc... but all along, it was a grill. I'm not trying to say it's as deep as an argument like how furniture is Oriental and people are Asian - but come on - it's a grill.

Regardless of what you call them - i'm looking for one. Home Depot has a Broil-Mate natural gas model for $329 CDN - so that might be the one to get. Tomorrow I have to call Kitchener Utilities and see if they can run the gas line out to where i'd like the grill and if that's a go, then i'm heading out to start pricing. Canadian Tire has some models that i'd like to take a look at too -

From Home Depot there is this model - from Broil Mate.

Personally i'd just like an old school newspaper grill like they have in Kazakhstan. Nothing beats fresh (and I mean freshly slaughtered and hung from a tree) lamb cooked over yesterday's local section. Wash it down with a warm German beer - oh, c'est si bon.