Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kathy in Canada / Constantine / Pilot Pita

This post will cover four topics.

Topic 1: Kathy In Canada
Kathy Hall from the GBG Austin office has moved up here to Waterloo - breaking my 18 month streak of being the only person from a U.S. GBG office to move up. It's a bitter sweet moment for me - i'm sad to see my streak end, but happy to see someone else make the move. I would make some kind of analogy here, but I can't think of one. Anyways - me, her, and her friend Carole went to Morty's Pub for lunch. I wasn't able to force myself to order something different - I had to order the buffalo chicken sandwich, in a wrap and baked with a side salid with vinagrette dressing. I'm a creature of habit.

Topic 2: Constantine
Me and Laurie rented the Keanu Reeves film "Constantine" tonight. It was actually better than either of us expected. The basic plot is that John Constantine (Reeves) can see demons and angels. When he was young, he took his own life - but was brought back and now he is doomed to go to hell when he really does die again. He gets involved with a detective (Rachel Weiz, "The Mummy") who's twin sister recently jumped off a building. They do battle against demons and blah - blah - blah, the devil gets his due. The guy who played the devil is the guy who played the crazy doctor in "Minority Report". He's the best thing in the movie.

Topic 3: Pilot Pita
On the way to Blockbuster, we decided to try Pilot Pita in the Phil's plaza on King St. This is the first time in Waterloo i've tried somewhere else for pitas other than Pita Factory in University Plaza. On a scale of 1-10, i'd give them a 7. The service was fantastic, and the pitas were very good and beautifully prepared. At Pilot Pita, they stir your choosen ingredients in a bowl first, then put them in a pita - which means no biting into big chuncks of lettuce. If you're in the area - go there and support a locally owned business.

I was actually going to write something about John Roberts being nominated for Supreme Court associate justice - but honestly, i'm fucking paranoid about writing something that could be flagged by the government. I'm a paranoid person sometimes.

You know what, i will say something about this - Roberts is from Buffalo, NY - and chicken wings are from Buffalo, NY - so he can't be all that bad. I love chicken wings.

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