Saturday, July 23, 2005

Three weeks to closing

I've only got three weeks left until closing and then the fun can begin. Last night we went to Ikea to get some ideas of what's out there, what works, and what doesn't. Right now i'm kind of locked in for darker furniture because of the trim in the living and dining rooms - but that can always be changed.

I'm trying to get an exact date on when the house was built, all I know is that the current owner says it's at least 80 years old. Chris the plumber said it was more like 90 to 95 years old. He based this guess on the plumbing - so it's kind of like an paleontologist saying a bone is 1,000 years old - they just know, right. There are two normal size bedrooms, and two smaller rooms that could be bedrooms if you were 1/2 your size. One will become an office and the other has been dubbed "The Library". We're trying to find a psychiatrist chair - this was Heather's idea - and then a nice big bookcase. From the library, you take another flight of stairs to the finished attic, which I am thinking about naming the "Ann Taylor Loft" - in honour of the clothing store.

There's only one bathroom - well, technically there are two. There is a free standing toilet in the basement. I've been calling it a three peice bath; toilet, washer, dryer. The plumber recommended that we have that taken out and move the washer there. I'm going to call him this week and make an appointment for that. The other project there will be the replacement of some steel pipes with that fancy new plastic pipe. Those plastic pipes are the new hotness.

Other than that, I have two big projects - gutting and redoing the kitchen and restoring the hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms. We do so much cooking that a better designed kitchen wouldn't be a waste of an expense and hell, for the hardwood floors - they just look cool.

Enough for now - have a great weekend.