Sunday, July 17, 2005

Whatever happened to Amy Smart?

I'm watching TBS on a Sunday night - just finished up laundry. (side note, man this a boring blog). Anyway, I'm watching TBS and "Road Trip" is on. It's a pretty good movie - i've probably seen it thirty or fourty times and I also own the DVD. Maybe I actually have more than a casual appreciation for this film.

That's not the point. The point is that Amy Smart is in this movie and I can't remember that last time I saw Amy Smart in a movie. So now i'll go IMDB and see what's up.


Ok, well she's apparently making three films coming out next year. There's this party scene, and it's completely unrealistic. I went to what was once the #1 party school in America (Florida State University), and honestly I never even heard of a party like this. Sure, there were some with live bands, but not with the lighting and sound system present here.

Enough about this, there are some pictures posted to the right. Keep it real.

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