Friday, August 26, 2005

Beer Friday

Before I talk about Beer Friday, I must first post a link to It's just another ytmnd with Chef's parents. It's not as funny as the first one - but it's still good for a laugh. Beer Friday used to be every Friday. But then for some reason it stopped and I never noticed because I was always on the road. For the last two months i've been in the office and I only noticed last week that there were six 2-4s of empty beer bottles piled up by the fridge and not one beer in the fridge. I asked my boss about this and he said that who's ever turn it was last never did it and it just stopped. Being the self-starting, motivated employee that I am, I decided to bring the empties over to The Beer Store on Albert St. and trade them in towards a new 2-4 of Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale (...I said I was motivated and self-starting, but I failed to mention i'm cheap). So now there is beer in the fridge and the email has been sent out letting everyone know it's here. That's all I can do help the corporate culture today - and I think i've done a great job.

Have a great weekend.

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Nicole said...

Beer Fridays at work - Only in Canada. (and probably parts of northern Wisconsin.)