Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Closed. Moved. Rock and Roll

Howdy - i'm all in moved in now, here's a recap:

Tuesday, August 9th
I met with Rose Johnson over at Gowlings (the solictors, oh how British) and handover my closing cheque It the second biggest cheque i've ever written, biggest if you only consider in Candian dollars. Anyways - I handed over the cheque and signed the papers and that was the closing - two days early. It's all very anti-climactic actually - it was just me and rose, sign here, sign here - thank you ma'am. That's it.

Wednesday, August 10th
Did the final walkthrough - everything seemed to be in fine order. All of the previous owner's stuff was out - even the incredibly cluttered basement and attic. I'm not sure how they managed to move it all, but i'm thankful they did. My goal is to have the basement clear of anything - everyone at work says it's impossible to keep it that way, but to hell with them - I can do it.

Now here's the weird thing - there's no front door key. There's a lock - no key. They've lived in the house for five years, replaced the knob and tube with 100amp service, put in a gas furnace - yet, they've not had a front door key.

Thursday, August 11th
The real closing day - nothing to do but wait for a phone call. Around 3pm, I got a call from the solictor's saying the closing was finished. That's it - no fanfare, nothing - just have a nice day. Which I did.

Laurie and her dad met me at the basement apartment and helped me move some boxes, the kitchen table, futon, and the bed over to the house. They also, as a family, gave me a bad ass patio set. It's freaking awesome.

After we finished moving the stuff, Laurie and I went to Morty's were I gorged myself on chicken wings.

Friday, August 12th
The real moving day - and it rained. I started around 7am, did one load and then met Tim the Key Man at the house to have a new deadbolt put in and then rekey the back door to match the front door. After that, I picked up my first 2-4 (case) of Keith's from the Beer Store. Russ and Jon D. came over and we went to Vinny's for sandwiches and then we came back to the house to eat them and drink ice cold beer.

After lunch, I did anohter run and did some cleaning in the apartment - then a couple more runs, the final clean and then I was finally able to take my first shower. The cable guy showed up around 5:30pm and he was able to clean up the coax in the living room and put a new jack in the main bedroom.

Friday night - Laurie and I had vodka tonics and relaxed on the new patio set.