Sunday, August 07, 2005

Random Toilet

Here is a photo of the random toilet in the basement -

I'm not sure what the idea was - I mean if you were going to put anything down there, wouldn't you have at least just put in a urinal. Would someone actually take a dump there? If someone walked down the stairs, then they would see you. I'm not really comfortable doing that in front of other people.

The plan now is to leave it for a while and then remove it and put the washing machine where it is.

This is a photo of the street sign on the corner. I just thought it looked cool.

This is the back center part of the basement - to the left is the finished room and to the right is the workshop. I'm planning on drywalling the area in. Part of that work would require redoing the bad pipe job that is there now. I want to get those sweet plastic pipes that all the new houses have - but then if I finished the ceiling - no one could see them. Maybe i'll use plexi glass instead of drywall. I'm starting to think that would be a little too ghetto - it'd be like "Pimp my House" instead of "Pimp my Ride". Has anyone ever used plexi instead of drywall? Let me know.

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