Monday, September 19, 2005

At least i'm not bitter

I had written this other post (since deleted) as an open letter to my friend's now ex-wife. To make a long story short, she left him after five weeks and is now engaged to another guy. This will be her third husband in less than six years. It's been said that obviously this new guy doesn't know how this story will probably end. I wish them all the best - honestly. If people aren't right for each then they shouldn't be together.

Of course this is something that would have been good to know before I spent a shit load of money going to the wedding. I've told my friend this - he's offered to give me money. I'm just venting, I don't really want any money back - but if there was going to be a monetary exchange, it should be from her.

Two tickets to XXXXXXX - $900
2 nights in the hotel - $250
Tux rental for a 30 minute ceremony and a 2 hour "dry" reception - $175

Add it up - going to weddings is not cheap. For the money spent, the marriage should last longer than a year at least. Really - if the marriage lasts less than a year, then the money spent should be refunded by the party that ended the marriage. Or something - give the gift back. Actually, I never got them a gift because i'm a lazy bastard. A cheap lazy bastard.

Still - I had a good time there with some other friends, so it wasn't a total loss. I just wish this girl realized that she hurt my friend and she didn't need to. She could have left way before they got married and yeah, there would have been hard feelings - but not as bad as it ended up.

That's too heavy man.

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Nicole said...

Thank you, Alex. I am totally with you on this. I've been in the ceremony of FOUR failed marriages. (Only 2 did I think would fail.) They all including gifts, travel, accomodations, and attire. What's more, I had to shell out equal amounts of money for three second weddings!! (All second marriages have worked out great, though.)