Friday, September 23, 2005

Buried Treasure

My brother Ritchie has posted again at .  He’s doing well in Mongolia – teaching people how to better run their businesses.  If you knew my brother, you might question that – but maybe I just don’t know him well enough.  Point in case – we were in Cleggan in the west of Ireland last Christmas.  Me, my dad, and Ritchie are sitting in the local pub, Olivers (, drinking a couple beers.  The cheque comes and me and my brother both try and not notice it.  My dad finally throws the cheque at Ritchie, who opens his wallet and says “Uh-oh” in a really high pitch voice.  

“Uh-oh”?  - my dad asks?  

Ritchie’s wallet was empty and all he could say was “uh-oh”.

That’s my brother.  He told me today that he needs money to travel after his term in the Peace Corps is up.  I suggested that he go to antique shops and buy some old books.  In one of those old books, there might be an ancient map that will lead him a sexy German historian to buried treasure.  He would even get a chance to make a torch out of a stick, rags, and tar.  He told me I’m the worst older brother ever – but I think it’s really his best chance to make a quick buck.  

I never said I was good at business.

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