Monday, September 12, 2005

Corn Pop Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy afoot here in North America and I want some answers. This conspiracy deals with the Kellog's cereal Corn Pops. At first glance, you wouldn't notice anything strange. Like most packaging in Canada, the Corn Pops box (right) is in French and English. Also, the letters are blue instead of red. No big deal.

Once the boxes are opened however, all hell breaks loose. First - the U.S. Corn Pops:

Normal, right? Now look at the Canadian Corn Pops:

They are totally different cereals. What is going on here? The US pops are odd shaped (they remind of Phobes, one of the Martian moons. Man, am I a geek or what?) The Canadian pops are perfect orbs - the almost look like morsels of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

I tried googling and wikipeding (new word) Corn Pops to see if I could find anything, but there was nothing there. If anyone knows anything about this mystery - please let me know.


Alex said...

Just in case anyone asks, I was not using the Dewar's scotch instead of milk when I wrote this blog.

Nicole said...

I love the texture and sweet goodness taste of Corn Pops and hate PB Cap't Crunch. WTF is right. I guess it's just another way for the Canadians to kill your American spirit and keep the rest of us from moving there (as if the weather weren't enough).

mmm.... Dewar's.

lisa said...

at least you guys have in melbourne, Australia i cant find corn pops anywhere,
and im talking about the canadian type....
anyone got contacts to get them here?

megan said...

Original Special K is different too!

Shari said...

I'm Canadian, but I moved to the US about five years ago. Needless to say, I was at the grocery store lsat week, noticed the Corn Pops, and decided to get them, as I hadn't had Corn Pops in the longest time.

I opened the box this morning - my reaction was, of course, "What is the meaning of this?!" American Corn Pops do not taste like corn. They taste like sugar. And the texture was really off. I mean, Canadian Corn Pops are sort of like those spherical Cheetos, only without the cheese, and lightly sweet.

It freaked me out.

(Sorry to comment on such an old post)

Lisa said...

To all Canadians who want REAL Corn Pops, check it:

Anonymous said...

The American corn pop's are hands down the best.
I remember when we Canadians used to get both varieties
And Kellogg's in it's infinite wisdom decided to split up
The production and we lost . But just in case Kellogg's gets
The message that we Canadians might decide to boycott
Their products until the allow us Canadians a choice .
I have got a nephew who frequent's the states and brings
Me them from down south ! Lucky me!!!!!!

R Wilson said...

I live in Canada & I never buy corn pops for our home (my children get their fix elsewhere) Went across the boarder to Family Dollar...bought a box & was like wtf!!! When I poured a bowl I swore it was some sort of knock off Kellogg's brand lol...of course my children hated them...I found they taste like sweetend puffed wheat...not too bad!

ruthfmc said...

American Corn Pops win, hands down (I'm Canadian). Can't stand the Cdn version.