Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pony Ride

I’ve always worked under the assumption that when you’re at a customer’s site, you are at the mercy of the customer. They say when the day starts and when it ends; where you eat; and of course what brand of soda or beer (hopefully beer) you can drink. But the one thing I was never prepared for was when a customer forced me to ride a pony. I was installing software at a beer distributor. It was your basic run of the mill install – set up the server, connect it to the host, load the handheld, preparation fortraining – nothing out of the ordinary. Training was on a Wednesday afternoon and everything was going really well. The owner invited me out for dinner at the local barbeque place, which is renowned for its ribs. I met up with the owner and his wife, and their IT manager. The owner orders for me and I swear he ordered me 4 lbs of ribs. I tried my best to eat as many ribs as possible and by the end of dinner you could have rolled me out of there. As I was walking (waddling) out, the owner suggested that we go to the IT manager’s farm and have a beer. Off I went - who am I to turn down a beer. The farm was awesome – way out in the middle of nowhere. It was just about dusk and we were enjoying a nice, cold beer when the strangest thing I’ve ever heard was said. “Alex, you should ride the pony.” I stuttered “Uh?” Again but now with much more force, I hear “Alex ride the pony.” I had no choice - the customer is always right - so I got on the pony. My feet were scraping the ground and the IT manager led me around the yard on the pony.

We promised never to speak of it again


Dan Mickelson said...

Ha Ha! Pony rides... yes! If only our owner had ponies, and wasn't a dick. BTW... the house looks nice. Sounds like things are going well up there.

Nicole said...

This story reminded me of Ginuwine's hit song, Pony, off his "Ginuwine... The Bachelor" album. Only, it probably shouldn't have, as the chorus lyrics are as follows:
"If you're horny, let's do it; Ride it, my pony.
My saddle's waiting;
Come and jump on it."

You're client didn't happen to be a big hip-hop fan in the mid-nineties and didn't happen to not understand the lyrical interpretation of certain songs? And with that, you didn't happen to get an erection during any part of the evening, prompting him to remember his favorite Ginuwine hit and think maybe the cure was a pony ride? Just asking...

I know what you're thinking - I need to stop snorting lines before work... and church... and pretty much before anything requiring more than four minutes of my attention.