Thursday, September 15, 2005

Update on Pony Ride Story

I just wanted to update the Pony Ride story to make a clarification. Due to editorial conditions beyond my control - the story was edited to remove my best friend Bryan Melzard from the story. This was a work thing because he doesn't work at the same company anymore and this story was originally posted in my company newsletter.

Bryan told me he felt slighted. I am publicly apologizing for not adding him back into the story. Bryan was there with me when we were force fed a giant plate of ribs. He was also there to laugh at me when I was forced to ride the pony. Thanks for getting my back. He took the picture, his exact words are "...Mother fucker, I took the picture....".

He also tried to do a drunk phone call in front of this supplier of ours - and I had to stop his Red Sox loving ass from doing that. Drunk phone calls are not appropriate in front of suppliers - unless they happen to be alcohol or telecommunications suppliers. Those bastards love to get in bed together.

I'm supprised Skyy Vodka doesn't include a phone card with their product. Lord knows if they did, I'd have more embarrassing stories.

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Nicole said...

Best friend or not, I fucking hate Red Sox fans. Sorry, Bryan... but we can still have casual sex.