Monday, October 03, 2005

Concordia Verein - kommen wir her!

I was working on my dad's website when the phone rang.

"Hi - this is Jen from Moslon, is Alex there?"

I stuttered for a second. "This is Alex...."

"Do you remember entering a contest a couple weeks ago at the LCBO (liquor store)?"

I did remember entering the contest, because I enter every contest that I see. I'm a contest whore.

Jen continued "...well, you've won!"

Alex. A Winner. Oh yes - it is true ladies and gentlemen. I am a winner!!! Me and Laurie have won dinner at some place in Manheim, Hummer limo, all the free (Molson brand) beer we can consume (which by the way, is a lot) and then VIP tickets to Concordia Club for the last Friday of Oktoberfest. Concordia Club is like the Oscar after party at Spagos apparently. I've never been invited to the Oscar after party at Spagos (that's why I fired my publicist) so i'm not sure if it's a good comparison. Anyways - Concordia is always sold out on the two Friday nights of the beer swilling festival, so this is just the most rocking, bad ass thing ever!

This is better than a box of Guth.

Ok, I wouldn't go that far. Nothing beats a chicken finger box, no slaw, extra fries and three extra sauces. Hmmmmmmmm.... extra sauces.

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Dan Mickelson said...

Your Dad's site looks awesome. Very cool photos! What did you use to design? Is your dad selling prints of anything?