Friday, October 14, 2005

Hockey-Nacht In Kanada

Ok, first - ROCK + PAPER + SCISSORS.

Ok, second - Oktoberfest Parade Photos.

We had a hockey tournament at work - my team lost in the championship game, but we got a tote bag - so I can't complain. It has a metallic coffee mug inside, which is also a bonus, eh.

Here are some photos taken by Tesh Nielsen.

I look like i'm really busting my ass out there. Looks can be deceiving - I think I almost had a heart attack. I'm so out of shape.

Tonight is Oktoberfest night at Concordia Club! All the Moslon Canadian I can drink - I can't wait.

Last night I felt bad because I kind of was mean to waitress at dinner. I ordered a Singha and she said they stopped selling it because it's not made anymore. That is bullshit. Boon Rawd brewery is the second largest brewery in Thailand - they didn't stop making it. Maybe Ontario stopped importing it, or maybe the manager of the place just didn't want to sell it anymore. I know she was just telling me what she was told - but what ever happened to seeking out the truth? I wanted to shake her and say "Lady - you have to question everything the man tells you - because he is a snake tounged devil!!". But I didn't - I just got a Tsing Tao instead and let 1,000 years of advancement of civilization fade away.

Not that i'm bitter. And in the end, Tsing Tao is really good.

Have a great weekend.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Ignorant bitch. :-)(And why are you such a Thai beer coniseur anyway.)

PS: Sweet street hockey moves!