Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hung over breakfast

We went to Sarah and Bardia's apartment for dinner and a party last night. Dinner was awesome - Sarah made lasagane (sp) which by the (sp) means I can't spell that. Either way - it was very delicious. Delicious is a word I can spell. Anyways - the night was great. Three of Bardia's friends speak Russian. Two are actually from Russia and the other guy, Chris - he works over there for some kind of mining company. Thanks to them and a couple shots of vodka, I was able to get some speaking practice in.

This morning, we all went to Le Petite Dejeuner) (which means what?) and had hung over breakfast. I had the "Hungry Gal Breakfast"- two eggs, toast, potato rosti, apple coleslaw for $7.50. It was pretty damn good too. Not Bennys or Angie's Kitchen good - but good. Laurie had the Ham and Cheese Crêpe with sautéed rosemary ham, onions, and cheddar sauce for $8.50. I didn't try it - but it looked good too.

Today will be spent recovering from drinking and then cleaning up all the beer bottles that are still lying here from my house warming party.

People doing shots


Nicole said...

Dude, you have a friend named Bardia - how fucking cool is that!?

Alex said...

It's pretty fucking cool - I must say. He's also an aeronautical engineer, so if I ever own a plane and I need the wind resistance of it checked, he's the man to talk to.