Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"LOST" via iTunes

First - updates over at Khansella.

Apple launched new iPods today that play video. Not only play video, but let you download TV shows and movies. I decided to give it a try and download an episode of lost.

Here is the episode (ep. 3 from this season) downloading:

Here is me watching the episode:

Pretty damn cool. Forget TiVo, i'll just use this from now on.

And yes - I have a playlist called slow jamz. I don't know why. Maybe it's not mine, maybe iTunes created it. That and this is my work computer, so why in hell would I have a playlist named "slow jamz" at work? "Classical" - that I can understand. I work all day - I need calm, relaxing music to work to. I actually downloaded the music from the film "Minority Report". It's the piece the main character listens to as he's "scrubbing" the images from the precogs. I like to pretend i'm Tom Cruise - just without the sciententology. And money.

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Nicole said...

Man, I just ordered my nano and I'm already behind the trend... damn you Apple!!!!!