Monday, October 24, 2005

This is fun.

I was going to rag on my brother Ritchie over at Khansella - who has time to read the humours, hipster, twelve page reviews of LOST from Television Without Pity, but he doesn't have time to write a blog entry more than twice a month. Good time management. How tall are you? I was going to rag on him, but then he posted - and an new flickr photo gallery to top it off. I'm shocked.

Last Friday we went to Phil's (home of $1.75 drinks) for my cousin Aisling's birthday. My my - it was super drunk evening. Phil's is a unique bar here in Waterloo. First, the drinks are exceptionally cheap. I'm not sure what they are actually serving - it could be rubbing alcohol for all I know. Next - the mix of people at Phil's is a strange mix of emo, punk, and frat/sorority types. The line to get in (one of the few lines you'd ever find at a place here) is like a mini-melting pot of culture. Ok, so emo is not a culture - but you get get my idea. Once you get past the bouncers, you walk down a flight of stairs into a dimly lit, well - the only real description I can use is fire trap. You kind of get the feeling that if this place went up in flames that no one would be getting out. I'm sure there are sprinklers and fire exits - but let's just say I keep close to the main exit. Since it's such a cheap place to drink, the average customer tips a quarter. I'm not cheap (i'm not rich either), but I always tip a dollar a drink (give or take) - so when I got two double vodka tonics for Laurie and I (each) - I tipped three dollars. The blonde dreadlocked bartender looked like a deer caught in headlights. What's good about that is that everytime I went back to crowded bar, he would come over to me before going to first, which is always nice.

It's a young crowd there - i'm not old, but I am 29 - which is about eight years older than the average age there. What's screwed is that everytime a song came on that I knew, I'd say "... this song came out when I was in grade 11..." which only made it obvious that I was, well, not 21. This guy Matt who came with Ashy said he thought I was 26 - that made me feel good.

I'm just trying to get over a freaking cold now. Damn cold!

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Nicole said...

I turn 26 a couple months ago and I feel the same way... especially when you see people you used to babysit in the bars. I like to think I'm not getting older, 21 is just getting younger.