Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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I've become a fan of the show "LOST" this season. Last year I was travelling all the time - so I never got a chance to watch. I was going to get the DVD's, but i'm cheap - so I just read all the entries at Wikipedia and i've got a good idea of what is going on.

There is this site, Bigspaceship1.com, that is supposedly some kind of either viral marketing ploy or third-party spoiler site for the show. It's the creepiest fucking thing ever. The images change every day and link to sites that have nothing to do with the show. It's driving me mad. Here is an example of one of the images.

If "24" did shit like this, then i'd never leave the house. I told my girlfriend that if I had a son I would name him Jack Bauer Kinsella. She didn't think it was that hot of an idea.

I'm burping up chicken wings right now (how pleasant) and it's got me thinking about tacos. Sure, sure, that's a very Ulysses-ish stream of conscience thought process, but it works for me. This isn't the best week for eating. I've reserved myself to the fact that i'll add on pounds because It's Thanksgiving. Well, I love tacos. You can't get tacos in Waterloo - well, you can at Taco Bell - but that doesn't count. They have taco Tuesday at Ethel's - but you have to wait.

When i'm in Maui - which is not often enough - you can go to Maui Tacos and they are fantastic. They are opening all over the mainland now - you should go to Maui Tacos website and check out your nearest location. Heads up to travellers - there's one in the Raleigh Durham airport.

I'm off to watch "My Name is Earl" - y'all come back now - ya hear.

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