Thursday, November 24, 2005

Aren't you the Prime Minister?

Prize idiot? I'm watching "Love Actually" right now. My parents have digital cable with every movie channel available and it's not good for me. Tonight i've watched parts of "Dodge Ball", "Scary Movie 3", "Blade: Trinity", and now here I am watching the end of "Love Actually". Here's my problem - I really like this movie. I'm a romantic guy. Luckily, i'm not a hopeless romantic. Case in point -

One time I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to go see "Wimbledom" with Kirsten Dunst and that guy who married Jennifer Connolly. She didn't know what to say. I was just asking because I thought she wanted to see a romantic comedy. She did not. I did not. Thank goodness we both admitted that neither of us wanted to see it or we'd have sufferred through that pile of crap. I only know it's a pile of crap due to the fact that is was the inflight movie two months later. I watch whatever Delta shows - I even watch "Coach Carter" twice. That's neither here nor there.

Maybe I'm not romantic. Perhaps I harbor some weird kind of desire to be English. That would suck because i'm Irish and I believe they revoke your citizenship for wanting to be Hugh Grant-ish. I could be wrong, but who knows.

Oh - the scene were Colin Firth proposes to that Portugese bird is coming up. Did I just refer to a woman as a bird? Holy shit! I'm becoming British watching this film. Now all I need is a cup of tea and then I can invade a third world country on expand the Empire. That sounds kind of sexual. I'm so repressed. See - even more British.

Ok, fuck this - i'm turning it off and going to bed. It's giving me an awful fright. "Awful fright"? What is wrong with me.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all


Morris said...


Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs! (I just noticed you in my stats today).

Nicole said...

What is it about the movie, "Love Actually"?? I know a flock of men who really like that movie, I always thought it was strange... the male affinity, not the movie itself.

Dan Mickelson said...

Movie channels are EVIL! They suck you in, you watch half of one movie, then notice another movie you've already seen is on another channel, and you've only seen part of it, so you have to watch this other movie now, and the circle continues until you've wasted all of your spare time staring at a box that beams images into your brain, in turn making it rot away and before you know it, wasting away your spare time, then you find you're stuck @ a job you hate yourself for taking, but the money makes it ok, and then you can afford the movie channels, which I guess in some way help you forget the job you hate, and the fact that I'm a total whore.

btw... either its Kiera Knightly or the fact that its a British that make that movie acceptable. The British factor adds an aire of snobbishnish, making it cool and not so chicky.