Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Don't Play Me

From CNN, Kansas has set back civilization by 1,000 years. Way to go. It was a 6-4 vote in favour of adding "intelligent design" into the lesson plans. The six who voted for the change are Republicans. Two Republicans and two democrats voted against. Here's a great quote -

"This is a sad day. We're becoming a laughingstock of not only the nation, but of the world, and I hate that," - board member Janet Waugh.

It's been a long day - so in place of my usual post, here is a link to a column by the great Chuck Klosterman -

Leave Chuck's Sports Alone


Morris said...

I say we do a drive by on all the politicans there.

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

Nicole said...

I fucking love Chuck Klosterman... but among other things, he's from a Dakota so what's not to love.

Dan Mickelson said...

I fucking hate the South! We should've let them secede.