Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How could it not be breezy?

I want this Hasbro Zoom Box thing. It's a LCD projector with built-in DVD player - and it seems to be marketed towards those tweens. I hate the whole idea of tweens having their own demographic. Think about it for a moment. Here's a group of people with no source of income other than their parents - and they are now like the second or third biggest group of consumers out there. So basically, they spend their parent's hard earned money on shit like the latest Ashley Simpson CD or a Hello Kitty massager (vibrator). Their purchasing habits then dictate R&D dollars at movie studios, clothing designers, etc... It's a horrible vicious cycle.

Not that I have anything against Ashley Simpson's first CD - that was some great work for someone who's gotten a record deal because of her sister. I wish I could get a record deal because of my brother, but sadly he is as tone deaf than me. He's possibly more tone deaf.

Let me bore you with what I did today. My parent's saw these Bauer Lofts that are being built here. They have some disposable income - and they decided to purchase a loft at pre-construction prices. They say it's an investment. I say it's part of a plan to move near me. I don't mind - they are awesome people and they pick up the bar tab a lot. So anyways, because of distance and lack of knowledge of international banking - i've gone ahead and used their money to purchase a loft for them. It's technically not mine, but now I feel like a real estate tycoon.
Two pieces of property!!! Alright! Two bad I have to transfer the title to them later. Still, for now I can bask in the glorious light of capitalism.

Seacrest out.

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Nicole said...

Paragraph 1: "they spend their parent's hard earned money"

Paragraph 3: "i've gone ahead and used their money to purchase a loft"

Hypocrite. (and brilliant editing on my part)