Tuesday, November 15, 2005

There's no way to know for sure

I just saw the commercial for Leon's furniture that Laurie kept on talking about yesterday. The theme is "Ho! Ho! Hold the Payments!!" Seriously - Ho! Ho! Hold the Payments. I've only bought three pieces of furniture here in Waterloo - the couch, chair, and my mattress. I bought the mattress for two reasons. First, it is a Serta and they have those sheep in their commericals. Second, because it came with a free DVD player. Sure, the DVD player is probably worth $15 dollars and I paid an extra $75 to get the higher end mattress because it came with a DVD player. That's the way I role - advertising works on me.

I took an advertising class at Florida State during my junior year. The professor told us once, "...advertising is the art of convincing you to buy stuff you can't afford for people you don't like and that they don't want...". He was specifically referring to the approaching holiday season - but I guess you could apply that to any season. I'm not a "holiday shopper". I can never think of something to buy before Mother's Day or Father's Day. Those holidays are bullshit nonsense. Isn't it just nice to buy something for someone when the moment hits you. You can always find the best gift for someone when you're not looking.

At the end of the semester, the professor tells us that he used to be the vice president of marketing for Burger King. He was making high six figures a year, giant house, blah blah blah. One day he realized that his life was empty because he wasn't with his family and he wasn't giving back to people. He quit his job, took his cash, and got a job teaching. Some people in class said that it was bullshit - he just burned out. Other's said that it's easy to quit your job when you've got a couple million in the bank. At the end of the day - no matter what his reasons or circumstances, he was doing something that made him happy and you can't really call him on that.

I watch Fight Club every so often. Personally, I really enjoy the movie - except for when they make fun of Ikea. I like Ikea. My kitchen island is from Ikea and it is very utilitarian - and it was a floor model - so fuck you Tyler. I would apologize to Tyler, but that would show weakness. I had a point - oh yes, so the characters in the movie shrug off materialism - and that is tempting. Of course i'm typing these words on a bloody iBook.

I'm the world's worst communist.

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