Friday, November 11, 2005

Uptown with a discount

I took the day off from work today. I have a distgusting amount of vacation days left and I need to take them before the year is over. Anyways - it was just an errand/relax day. We went to lunch at this new place called St. Louis Ribs and Wings. The only reason we went was because they had a chili pepper in their logo like Chili's and it got us excited. We love Chilis. Anyways - it wasn't anything like Chilis, but that wasn't a bad thing. I had a pulled pork sandwich and Laurie had a Phily cheesesteak sandwich - both were awesome. Laurie likes the place because they have Alexander Keith's on tap - which very few places do around here. Where am I going with this story? Ok - right, errands. We ran errands - nothing too excited. Later, I went to return some empties at the Beer Store. I noticed that Sleeman's has a new beer in their premium "John Sleeman Presents..." line. It's an India Pale Ale - and it's 5.3%. I've got a buzz already.

Tomorrow is leaf raking day. The yard is burried under 3 feet of leaves. Home ownership has it's pluses and minuses.

Have a great weekend.


Nicole said...

You'll need to keep reminding yourself of those "pluses" when your ass deep in leaves and you're only a third done. (That's when I said F-it and shop vac'd them into the neighbor's yard.)

Dan Mickelson said...

I plan on throwing my money away as long as I can by renting, ownership is too permanent for me...