Sunday, November 20, 2005

Votre boisson est sur la maison

I'm in West Palm Beach a couple days earlier than expected. Previously, the plan was to get here Thursday afternoon in time for stuffing ourselves silly with turkey and prepping for the coke binge of shopping known as Black Friday. Unfortunately, a very good friend and mentor of mine died on Friday and his memorial service is scheduled for Monday afternoon. I changed my ticket yesterday and here I am - in what was once my bedroom and now is my dad's office. I was going to write about the saying " can never go home again...", but let's be honest. That shit has been done a thousand times over. Let's talk about something interesting. Let's talk about drinking.

Sure, sure - that is a common theme. My mom is worried about how often drinking comes up in these essays. I've tried to reassure her that it's not juvenille debauchery. I'm actually concerned that I didn't spell that correctly. Anyways - my job and, well my lifestyle just involve drinking. I have a good friend who is married and has kids. We'll talk on a Sunday afternoon and i'll mention that I just woke up. My head pounding from dehydration brought on my too many pitchers of Waterloo Dark the night before. Now my friend is a husband to a very intelligent and beautiful woman, and a father to two wonderful children - so dropping $100 on pitchers of beer on a Saturday night is not in his normal routine. He has on occasion replied that his lifestyle doesn't include the partying that I am involved in. There are times that I wonder if i'm acting imature (nonsense) or just refuse to grow up (bullshit because I have a mortgage and that means your an adult).

We all enter the varying phases of life at different times. I'm twenty nine - many of my friends are married. Hell, many of my friends are divorced. I've not taken that step - I will one day. My mom and my girlfriend's mom wish that day was, oh I don't know - Tuesday - but everything happens when it is supposed to happen.

On the wonderful Air Canada flight from Toronto to West Palm today, my vodka tonic was on the house. Or airplane as it would be. People hate Air Canada and I can't figure out why. This is the fifth or sixth time i've gotten a free drink - so what is the problem? They left fifteen minutes late - who cares as long as we get to the destination.

During the flight, I was able to read my favourite magazine - Entertainment Weekly. It's the first issue i've read in about six months - and I do miss it. There's an interview with the actor Christopher Plummer in this issue and he has a great quote. The interviewer is asking Plummer about a string of bad films made after the Sound of Music. Plummer answers that he drank his way through that time. The interviewer than says "...The whole idea of inebration-as-pastime is passe now...." to which Plummer responds,

"I know! Isn't it awful? We're back to puritanical times. So many people don't understand, we didn't neccessarily drink because we had problems. We drank 'cause we adored it! We adored getting drunk, you assholes! Don't tell me that it isn't fun! I can't bear that. 'Oh, you must have had some awful childhood, that you drank like that.' Nonsense! Actually, I was taught as a child to drink. I cam from a family that loved wine. I was 12, I think, when I was drinking wine with dinner. I'm glad I had fun and lived in a fun time."

I'll drink to that.


Dan Mickelson said...

"I don't wanna grow... because if I did... I couldn't be a Toys'R'Us kid" .

A mortgage payment is very adult like. Good job laddy.

Nicole said...

Well, I guess you put your Mom at ease... she thinks you have a drinking problem and you reassure her you do not by putting an "I'll drink to that" quote for a guy picking the habit up at 12. Good work, A-train.