Sunday, November 06, 2005

You have to wait

Bryan was up here in Waterloo this weekend to check out the house and drink a lot. I ended up drinking a lot last night and have been paying for it all day. He has this awesome job at a wine importer and distributor, so he's become a wine expert - and he was kind enough to bring up a couple bottles for us to enjoy. Laurie and her friend Christine came over for dinner where we attempted to pair the wines with the one course dinner. It was a damn good dinner I must say - grilled chicken, mixed veggies, and my new speciality - risotto.

For wine, we had:

  • 2002 Chateau de Parenchere

  • 2004 Dr. L Reisling

  • 2005 Gold

  • The Gold is insane - it's like wine version of Gold Schlager. Little specs of gold floating around - and it ended up producing the same effect in me that schlager does - those who know of the damage will understand.

    Anyways - after those bottles, we dipped into my cheap wine cabinet - cleared it out. Then Tesh, Dempster, Russ, Jen, their friend Steve, and Aisling showed up for drinks and we dipped into the vodka. As I said before, I have been paying for last night all day. Good times had by all. The late, great comedian Mitch Hedberg had a one liner that summed up the night;

    "I saw a wino eating some grapes and I was like, 'Dude - you have to wait.'"

    My exciting news is that Zehrs (the grocery store here) has plantains - can't figure out why they have them now, but I won't complain. I'm making a kick ass Cuban dinner one night this week. I'm going for pachuga a la plancha, tostones, maduros, and of course black beans and rice.

    Here are photos from Saturday night.

    Bryan and Laurie

    Dempster, Bryan, Aisling, and Tesh

    Christine, Bryan, and Laurie

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    Nicole said...

    Sounds/Looks like a lot of fun!! I will have to try some of the Gold.

    (Oh, and the folding chairs are a nice touch.)