Thursday, December 29, 2005

As we know

Tomorrow is the New Year's Eve Eve party. Here is the alcohol that will be at the party. It's a bring year own beer/liquor party - but hey, i'm a good host and I always have a supply on hand. For some reason, the LCBO (the liquor store here in Ontario) does not sell anything with more than 40% alcohol - so all they have is the red lable Smirnoff. I'm not a vodka purist, but I do like my 100 proof - so thankfully I managed to aquire two 1.75ml (60oz) bottles of the blue label Smirnoff from a friend of a friend who found it when it fell off the back of a truck. How much difference does the 10% really make? Well, I'm not sure - but it just makes me feel better.

Out in Utah they only have 3.2% beer. They're mormons, so I guess that could be considered progressive. When I was out there, I asked the beer distributor if there was a difference - and he told me that 5% beer isn't really 5% because they get the alcohol percentage off the entire case, not the individual bottle. Here in Canada, they say their 5% is truly 5% and they view American beer as absolute piss. After two years, I have to say - I can drink a lot more beer in the States when I visit. Is that an effect of drinking a higher alcohol content here? Once again, I have no idea.Colorado has both 5% and 3.2% beer. Supermarkets can only sell 3.2% and liquor stores sell 5%. I'm told this was because at one point, Colorado had two drinking ages - where 18-21 could drink 3.2% and over 21 could drink 5%. That is ridiculous - but then again, it's Colorado. Oh snap.

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Nicole said...

Ease off the Rocky Mt state or I'll rocky mountain my foot up your ass!! (That sounded pretty hickinsh, right?)

Tha Honduran beer I drank this weekend - 8%!!