Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Charming. Thanks. But.

I'm watching "Degrassi - The Next Generation". This show is some serious shit, way more hardcore than that last Degrassi - which makes me wonder, is it that the show is trying to be over the edge, or have kids gotten to be this fucked up? Now I'm a late bloomer in some respects. I didn't drink (get drunk) until I was 18. It's not that I wasn't "cool" in high school, it's just that the kids who drank in high school were fucking lame and I had better things to do then spend my weekends getting blasted in Wellington, Gardens, or even worse - Boca Raton. Fuck I hate Boca. That's another story. One time I was over at Bryan's with Khansella and we were watching this HBO special on middle school titled "Middle School Confessions". If you have never had the chance to see this, then you are missing out in life. It is one of the funniest, and yet shocking, documentaries ever made. In the confessions made in this are true, then there truly is no hope for the future. There is an insane amount of "sex parties", Abercrombie wearing, and drug abusing kids out there.

Whenever I end up at the mall, i'm always shocked by what I see. Wannabe thugs with baseball hats to the side of their heads; girls who's parents did not see them leave the house - it's really sad. It's sad because i've become old and complain about shit like this - but even more sad that the parents of these kids (who are probably my age or just about) haven't learned a damn thing. If I went out dressed like some of these "bad asses", my dad would have slapped me across the head. Well, that's not true - he would never do that, because we knew to never act or dress like that. To do that would be to disprect ourselves and our parents - and there's a little something called family honour out there.

Wow, i'm freaking old. I'm right - but i'm old. Maybe i'm just mature. Mature. Oh. Sexy.


Reverend Moloquin said...

Not old. It's all about respect. Respect for yourself and everything around you. We all learn one way or the other.

Nicole said...

Once, a male friend and I were walking into the mall on a brisk autumn day... you know the kind of day, the ones when you should wear a coat but you refuse to believe it's winter yet... anyway, these young girls come strutting out in their "disrespectful" outfits and my friend yells, "Hey look! Hookers!!" We laughed and laughed - the girls gave us the disgusted "what-ever" look, which heightened our amusement. Such a choice moment.