Thursday, December 15, 2005

I smoked the wrong end

There was a pretty big snow storm here today - everyone in the office was upset. Everyone but me, for I am insane. I was so excited to get home and shovel. Last weekend I bought a new shovel. It's blue and has a cool concave, ergonomic handle. Most people wouldn't get excited about shoveling or a new shovel - but as you know, i'm not most people. So I shoveled the side walk and drive way - each shovel full of snow bringing me closer to nirvana. The feeling, not the Seattle alternative band popular in the early 90's.

Funny story - I was reading this book by the amazing Chuck Klosterman, "Fargo Rock City". There's a chapter in it where he talks about Nirvana and how "Smells Like Teen Spirit" dropped around the same time that GNR's "Use Your Illusions" 1 & 2 came out. But when we look back, it seems like they are so far apart. As I get older, I keep on running into time gaps like this. I think I did something one year, and it was really a completely different point in my time line. Even worse than that is when I forget complete episodes.

Here's an example. A couple years ago I went to my friend Katie's wedding down in Alpharetta, GA. She married her, for lack of a better term, college sweetheart Chris. Chris is an awesome guy. We were all in university together, they were one year behind me. Katie and I went to high school together for three years too, so already there's too much history to keep track of. Anyways - Chris and I became friends before he and Katie met. They were both in the film school and when they did meet, they didn't like each other at all. This was all funny because a year or so later they're inseparable. In the time while they weren't friends - i'd have parties, and Chris - along with other people from the station (long story) - would come over to the townhouse I lived in and we'd party. Alcohol (and someone begging Katie for sex, but not Chris nor myself) was often involved, so memories fade.

Jump forward to Katie and Chris's wedding. The night before, we're all Chris's parent's house having some drinks and Chris mentions the time we found Elton Nakagawa passed out under the coffee table. Not only had I forgotten that had happened, but I had also forgotten who Elton even was. Now, Elton was a 250 pound or so Samoan guy - which is pretty hard to forget. It should even be more hard to forget since there was a giant Samoan under the coffee table. But there you go, I forgot. This happens more and more, which is kind of disconcerting. Before my brother left for Mongolia, I told him the best thing he could ever do for himself was to keep a journal. I didn't keep one when I lived in Moscow, and i've always regretted it. There are so many great memories from that time, but how many other great (or mediocre) ones have I missed? He's not keeping one of course. One day he'll have a kid, and he'll tell that kid to keep a journal. My future nephew won't of course. Time keeps on, keeping on.

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