Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My car is right there

It's Tuesday, i'm in love. Shouldn't that be Friday - probably only if I was in "The Cure". The only memory I have that involves "The Cure" is listening to one of their CD's while I rode around a golf course with an ad agency assistant on a golf course shoot. She drove a Honda Civic and went to the University of Miami. That's all I really remember - that and the golf course was built on a dump and the developers failed to tell any of the people who bought the high six figure homes there. Nice, really nice. Buyer beware.

I'm not sure where this going, or where it's really coming from. Or maybe I do. I was day dreaming about travelling yesterday. Sometimes I miss travelling every week - but then the reality of the situation comes back. There were times i'd be in a truck stop town with only a Subway and a McDonalds as the restaurants in town. I'd be there for two weeks and the highlight would be when i'd be back at the hotel in time to catch a new "South Park" episode on Comedy Central. Still, I always try to make the best of any situation - and it was great to see parts of America that most American's don't know exist. Plus, who can beat a 6-inch turkey sub and "Cartman"?

Then of course there'd be the trips where the hotel was a month old and had a Starbucks, Jamba Juice and random Asian fusion restaurant in the parking lot. The days would start early, and end early and the mall had some great stores. I'd take a day trip over the weekend to a national park and go for a hike. There'd be a boat to Victoria Island or a free lift ticket to Park City. I ran into Faiz at Timmy's today - and we were talking about his last gig. He had a good time, and he remembered what I told him a couple months ago - for every great trip - there are four ok ones. The thing you have to do is get the job done 110% perfect - and let everything else unfold as it will. You're not there for a vacation - but a little side trip never hurts.

Is this some metaphor for life? Maybe i'm saying (and saying the obvious) that once you get your ducks in the row, that you can then pursue that which makes you happy? Maybe i'm saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"? Or maybe, i'm saying i'd like another glass of wine and some tacos. Who knows. How 'bout this - have a great day.

Also - Greg is going to Publix corporate tomorrow and i'm jealous. I love Publix.

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