Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tell me the first thing that pops in your head.

It's after 9pm on a Saturday night and I'm sitting upstairs trying to get my computer working. Not the one i'm typing on - that one works. The PC in question is the all powerful Dell Dimension 4100. I've had this thing for over five years now - it's been through a fire and a move to Canada. It's a beast - and sadly, it won't start up right. I've got the thing running in "safe mode" and i'm defragging the harddrive. I'm not even sure what the hell defragging does - I write programs, I don't actually build computers - so that kind of information escapes me sometimes.

What is important is that all of my downloaded music (legally from iTunes because i'm a goodie-goodie) is on this fucking thing. I should say that. All of my downloaded music is on the amazing Dell Dimension 4100 PC. Oh wonder of modern computing with your 833mhz Pentium III processor and 160 gigabyte serial ATA hard disk. You are the apitamy of beauty with your 15 inch LCD and 16x CD-R/RW drive. Hopefully unsolicited compliments will get this thing running. If I keep complimenting this thing, I might even get it's phone number. Other than that - I really don't have anything planned for the night. Tomorrow starts three weeks of no-stop partying, so I need to get my rest in and laundry done. We bought a Christmas tree today - it's a spunky little tree. It really stood out of the crowd, in the way a puppy with three legs does. Canadian Tire sells these funky lights that are LED instead of normal bulbs. They are advertised as saving on energy costs. The thing they should advertised for is causing seizures. If you shake them around, you feel like you're at a rave. I've never actually been to a rave, there's something about euro-trash techno and pacifiers that never really did it for me - but i'm sure these lights give the same effect. They don't cause you to make out with your brother - which is probably a good thing.


Reverend Moloquin said...

Pity you don't know any IT managers...they could probably fix up that old beast of yours pretty quick. You might want to bring it in to one next week, or something, if you knew one, or played poker with one for that matter.

Nicole said...

Umm, what? All I heard (read understood) was "blah blah blah broken."