Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thank you. Whatever.

Today is the 25th anniversary of when my family immigrated to America. Let's just say that it's not exactly celebrated. It's not that my family doesn't love America - hell, my mom was born in Philly. It's just there are other places they'd rather be. For instance, i'm in Ontario and my brother is Mongolia. To best sum up the feelings of the day, here is a poem written by my father -

"It was 25 years ago to-day
that the wife made me come to the USA
Now its time that I can get away
And leave the USA.

Next verse

Jesus I've become a poet and a metro-sexual.

Boris Ivanivich"

True story - we landed in New York five minutes after John Lennon was shot outside his apartment. My dad always said it was a sign and that we should have gotten back on the plane and headed back to Ireland. Maybe i'm painting us in a bad light? We're not un-American. In so many ways, we're more American than the regulars (born citizens). We live the American dream (and now Canadian dream) and never take it for granted. How more American can you be (as I sit in Waterloo drinking a vodka tonic)?

Side note - I think Micha Barton and Ryan should break up. They're just not honest with each other, even though Ryan admitted he had a lap dance and Micha Barton fell asleep with the surfer dude. Just a thought.

How long till a new LOST?

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