Saturday, December 24, 2005

Wake Up In The Afternoon

We're almost at the end of the year and that means that there's a gross amount of retrospectives on tv right now. This morning I was watching the Much Music "Best of Much on Demand 2005" retro. For those who of you who don't know, Much Music is the Canadian version of MTV, except that they play music videos. Oh, you got served MTV. Kelly Clarkson's video for "Since You've Been Gone" was number something, who knows - it doesn't matter. I will be adding that song to my list of perfered songs for karaoke. Yes, seriously. My current karaoke playlist is composed of songs by Avril Lavigne, Guns-N-Roses, Ashlee Simpson, and David Lee Roth (bibbidy bibbidy bop!). I once sang karaoke in a Korean brothel. True story.

There's a part of me that wants to write this story - but for today, I think I will just be cliche and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

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