Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We're in the nurse's office

The big New Year's Eve Eve fiesta is this Friday - I would like to know how many people are coming, but 45 people haven't responded to the Evite. What the fuck is the point of making a damn Evite if people don't respond? Next time i'm just doing word of mouth and LOST-ish cryptic emails.

I'm really looking forward to this party - hell, I look forward to every party we have or I get to go to. For too many years, I missed out on some good oportunities because I was a freaking idiot. Since I came to my senses two years agao, i've had a much better time. In Florida I owned a really nice house - the first party I threw, well - fifteen people at most showed up. That was the best one I had there. No one ever really accepted an invitation to come over, and no one ever threw a party - so the social scene was hella lame. Bryan (bless his soul) was the only one who ever had people over - and he's from New England, so go figure. Genghis and I would head over for wings and beer and massive amounts of video game playing. My brother would end up on the floor with Brady the dog in what some would consider - compromising positions. Good times for all.

Let me rant. Much Music is showing this year's MTV Movie Awards. The band Yellowcard (who i've never heard of) is playing Simply Red's "Don't you forget about me" as part of a tribute to "The Breakfast Club". It's not the tribute that is getting to me - it's the song. This song was chosen as the my class song when I graduated high school. Now I graduated high school in 1994, many years after this movie came out - and as far as i'm concerned, too soon for any kind of irony to develop that would make it ironic that we chose the song. The class council chose it out of some deranged desire to cleanse my high school of any originality. I attended the Palm Beach County School of the Arts (now Dreyfoos because Alexander Dreyfoos gave a shit load of money). The school itself was a great idea - a magnet program for the entire county. You had to audition to get in, but it was still public - so everyone had a chance, no matter what your background. The problem is, with everything in life, once people started having a good time - the shit got shut down. Two cases in point - First, we had a chance to pick our mascot. The popular choice was the "Headhunters". What was the final pick? Jaguars. Fucking Jaguars man, and there aren't even any jaguars in Florida. Second - we had spirit week instead of homecoming (we had no sports except for soccer, and soccer isn't a real sport) - and each day had a theme. One day was Gender Bender day - and it just happened that a photographer showed up that day from the Palm Beach Post. The next day a photo was printed of a guy dressed in drag (it was an arts school, what do you expect?) - and of course the editortial page the day after was filled with conservative right wingers asking how the school board could support cross-dressing. It was a joke - it wasn't really cross-dressing (for most at least) - but that joke was lost on most of the county, so spirit week was ripped to shreads.

What's my point? I heard a guy define art as "...something that will piss off at least one person..." and i've always liked that. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so pissing someone off is right. Is that A to B to C logic?

Let's review movies -

"Fantastic Four" - ***. It's predictable, but funny.
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - **** way better than the original.
"40 Year Old Virgin" - ** Not as funny as I thought it'd be.
"The Island" - *** as predicatable as "Minority Report" and "Paycheck". It's really the same movie.

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"soccer isn't a real sport"

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