Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You really sure?

I smell torilla chips. I'm not sure where that is coming from. It's not here in the living room. I was thinking about tracking it down, but then if I found the source - and it was tortilla chips - then i'd need salsa too. That's just a lot of work, and I just got home from work. What did I do today? Well, I dropped off three post dated cheques to Matt at Bauer Loft's for my parent's loft. It's not my money, so it's ok. I bought some Christmas presents today - no peeking - and I wrapped them. It's a typical Wednesday. No poker this week at Moloquin's. I'm skipping out to spend the money and yet more Christmas presents.

I hope everyone sent a card to my brother - because if you didn't, it's too late now - but you're still in time for St. Patrick's Day (or Valentine's Day if your heart desires) - so get cracking.

Today I tried to not say "yes" or "no". What? That's correct - I tried my hardest. It's actually quite difficult. Where did I get that idea from? This link over at Wikipedia on Irish English. I'm Irish and when i'm intoxicated, I have a pretty good accent. Still - there are some coloquialisms and morphologies that I didn't learn growing up. There are a lot I do know - for example, "How are you?" is "Haw are yous?". Another example would be the constant use of "Yer Man" as a pronoun. I've even got Laurie using that now. But I digress, the hard one is not saying "yes" or "no". It comes from that in Irish, there isn't a yes or no - so you'd answer back with the verb. Example; "Is the light on?" - Answer: "It is."

Is this the end of this post? Sho' nuff.

New Chuck Klosterman commentary over at ESPN.

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Nicole said...

CK's commentary was SOOO a few days ago - get with it, man!

And for the record, I sent your MongoBro TWO cards before I left for Thanksgiving vacation and I didn't get so much as a nod from him on my blog - total bullshit. (I know it's Mongolia but it's been a month; surely he's gotten them by now, right?!?)