Monday, January 02, 2006

Another reason to wear it

Food Network has a show titled "I do, let's eat". Tonight's episode features a couple who are having a knights and damsels themed wedding. For the main dish, they wanted an entire roasted pig. Sadly, a few hours into cooking, the pig caught on fire and was charred to the bone. The groom and his buddies were running around the pig trying to figure out what to do. At one point, they even call the butcher and ask what to do. The butcher recommends putting water on it.

Good fucking idea. Isn't that what you usually do when something is on fire?

Well, the new year has started. Moli Moli has a post about the cliche of the "new year's start over". Why did I put in that in quotes, that is not a quote from his blog. I tell you, the reason I like New Years is that I really do feel like it's an opportunity to start making small changes that will add up to big bonuses at the end of the year. Walking more, giving up some junk food, saving a little more. It all adds up. So many people try to make some gigantic change - giving up all fast food or trying to bench press 350 (three hundred and fitty) pounds.

Small steps - big rewards. That could be the theme of the year.

In other health and wellness news, we (Me, Laurie, Karen, Christine, and Josh) all managed to get in two nights of partying in a row this New Year's Eve - which is quite an accomplishment at our respective ages. Friday night was New Year's Eve Eve - there was a great turnout and the party ended up going till about 5am - at which point I passed out in my winter coat. I tried to make burgers on the grill at 3am; sadly they all ended up getting burnt.

Saturday night we headed out to Burlington to Ryan and Leslie's New Year's Eve party. We brought a cooler of full of beer and did a pretty job almost emptying it. Laurie and Karen were drinking from the keg, so it slowed us down - but it was a good effort. Leslie had a chocolate fountain, and I learned that tortila chips dipped in chocolate are awesome. Really awesome

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Nicole said...

350 - "treefitty," sans Southpark. and I "am always" a-ok with useless quotation "marks", quote or no.

Happy New Year, Alex!!!