Saturday, January 28, 2006

Good manners

I'm watching "Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan" on CityTV. Being a trekkie, i've seen this film probably over 100 times now - and i've only just noticed something for the first time today. In the middle of the movie, there's a part where Kirk, McCoy, and Savik are going to beam down to the space station to investigate what happened to the station's crew. The three of them walk towards the turbolift. Kirk enters first, followed by McCoy - who holds the turbolift door open for Savik.

Why does he hold the door open? This is a 23rd century, state of the art starship capable of faster than light travel. Do you mean to tell me that they hadn't developed doors that don't close on people yet? I have an answer - they do have those doors - in fact, the doors on the Enterprise are fully aware when someone is not completely in the turbolift and they will wait until clear. The answer is that Dr. McCoy is a gentleman and even with photon torpedos and transporters, there's still such a thing as manners in the 23rd century.

Over the years, it's always amazed me when i've met people my own age who have no manners at all. Even for simple things - like holding doors open or not pissing on my toilet seat - there are just a lot of people nowadays who are rude as hell. Personally, I'm nice to everyone - that is unless they've given me a reason not to be. I'm Irish, we forgive but we never forget. Hell - I go as far to say "thank you" and "have a nice day" to the toll collectors on the turnpikes. That's got to be a thankless job and the least anyone can do is be civil. That is accept for that bitch on the Tri-Boro bridge one day when I was going to Albany from LaGuardia. I was short 75 cents. Mapquest didn't say there was a toll - how was I supposed to know. Now, yes - I should have cash on me. My mistake - but it's 75 cents. I had to give them my driver's license and then find an ATM in Brooklyn and then drive back across the bridge - pay and get my license back. I know that i'm sure a bunch of people have the same sob sorry - but there's got to be some kind of easier way - give me a ticket - just don't send me to Brooklyn.

So back to manners. I have my knife and fork in the wrong hand (left handed) - but no one ever notices. Is that bad manners? No. Not really. I cut my toe nails in the living room - now that's bad manners. But I cut them while watching PBS - good manners or educational - you be the judge.

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Nicole said...

That is so true, people have generally gotten let polite. Oh, and F-ck Brooklyn.