Sunday, January 29, 2006

Have you seen any mokeys?

We had a poker tournament last night to raise money for a co-worker's mother-in-law. Her house caught fire and burnt down while she was at work and to make it even worse, she lost three dogs in the fire. We ended up with two tables of six each - plus a wild card table for the first four losers. Then we took the final two from the pro table and the final three from the newbie table, plus the wildcard Moli Moli. OB took home the grand prize and we put together a nice little donation for our co-worker's mother-in-law.

The final round lasted to about 3am, at which time I promptly passed out.

It's Sunday at that means back to back "Da Ali G Show" and "Little Britain". For those of you unfamiliar with "Little Britain", I strongly recommend buying the DVD collection of the first season or subscribe to Showcase in Canada or BBC America in the, well, America. All they have on BBC Canada is home renovation shows. It's incredibly weak. Anyways - "Little Britain" is an insanely funny show, but it is also very British - which is a good or bad thing depending on your personal preferences in regards to humor.

"Bambi 2" is coming to DVD. In the sequel, we're introduced to Bambi's father. Where was he when the hunter killed Bambi's mother? Probably at the strip club. Typical.


Nicole said...

I love Brit humor and have an extensive collection of BBC series DVD's and yet, I have never seen Little Britian. I'll have to look for it on the telly.

Dan Mickelson said...

I dug the 1st three seasons of 'Coupling', the 4th was sh!t after Richard Coyle left. The show couldn't survive without quotes like...

"I need breasts with brains. I don't mean individual brains, obviously... I mean, not a brain each. You know, I like intelligent women, but you've got to draw the line somewhere... I think breast brains would be over-egging the woman pudding." - Jeff (Richard Coyle's character)

Also, 'Green Wing' is another great British show, look for it coming to DVD soon, I've got a bootleg from the UK if you need a copy.