Thursday, January 12, 2006

Never dated a sister before

The DrudgeReport had this on today....

"Sometime this month, somewhere in suburban South or West, a couple, probably white Anglo Saxon Protestants or Hispanic, will conceive a baby who, when born next October, will become the 300 millionth American... Developing..."

300 millionth American - that is nuts, and also completely illogical. Seriously, I bet the media will try and find the 300 millionth American - but the problem is, how would you do it. It has to be conceivable (pardon the pun), that two babies will be born at the same millisecond, but miles apart. Also, what about time zones? What about counting in the death rate too?

When I drove into Waterloo for the first time, I wanted to go up to the population sign and mark it to "99,001" - but that would have been untrue, for i'm sure someone else might have moved in the same day. Maybe an hour earlier someone else got to their house or apartment and unpacked. Hell, there was snow and I got lost on the way in from Buffalo.

What blows me away is that there are only 36 million people in all of Canada. That's only 3 million (or 3 Montanas) more than California. There's such a population difference between the States and Canada - and most Canadians live along the border. The world's largest unprotected border - where weed apparently flows south and guns flow north.

Personally, I still don't understand the whole gun/no gun situation here. At first, I thought there were no guns here. Then I found out people have guns - they are just hard to get. Now there is talk about banning all hand guns. There are two arguments I always here about this. First, this will take the guns out of homeowner's hands. True - but most handgun death's in the home are caused by the home owner's gun and it's usually the homeowner on the bullet receiving end of it. Second, how are people supposed to protect themselves? That is a good argument, but a sad point. It's 2006 and we still live in such an uncivilized situation that we need to arm ourselves. Maybe i'm being a utopian nancy about that - but really, come on people. I enjoy drinking and partying and the company of a certain beautiful blonde, what else do you need in life? Relax!

Also - new Chuck.

Yet also more - check out the entry "James Papa" over at Chris Diclerico.


Nicole said...

Didja see Chuck is going to be writing one article a month now! Yea!!

(Great story link... we can only assume James Papa will continue to not pay child support because 'fuck doze bitches')

bitz said...

A canadain's view on guns in canada...
Handguns are generally only owned by retailers, target shooters and cops (and criminals). To be a target shooter with a handgun, you need a background check, and then you need to register where you live, where you shoot, and the roads you take from one to the other. And you're not allowed to carry the gun outside those boundaries.
The regulations are so nuts, that if someone broke into your house, you'd need to unlock the gun cabinet, unlock the triggerlock, unlock the ammo, load the gun... and by now the robber has left with your dvd player.
Rifles on the other hand... every farmer needs one.