Thursday, January 05, 2006

Somewhere not too far away

Let me state the obvious. I'm good at that; like pointing out it's cold outside. It's January and i'm blessed to experience my first Canadian election. It's fucking awesome! There are five parties fielding canidates in the parlimentary election here; Conservatives, Liberals, NDP (Socialists), Bloc Quebecious (French), and the Green Party. Five parties! It's way better than the absolute nonsense of the Democratic and Republic bullshit you south of the border people have to deal with. Here's another interesting fact - they're having an election because the leading party in parliment lied. I'm not saying the Bush administration lied about anything, that would be too easy and common - i'm just saying it's nice to see a see different system at work - one that punishes lying to the people, rather than lying to your wife (Sorry Bill - you know I love you).

The other news of the day is that Ariel Sharon had a stroke and probably won't recover. I don't know the guy, and have nothing against him - but of course, Pat Robertson does. That genius says the stroke is from God because Sharon gave land to the Palestinians. How does anyone in America watch/listen/tolerate Pat Robertson? It's so fucked that people listen to him - but then again, look at his audience. Maybe it's the wine talking, but he's a schmuck and anyone who wathces his show is a sheep. There's nothing wrong with having a relationship with God - it's a great thing - but if your relationship to God goes through Pat Robertson, then you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I'm so politcal tonight.

Let's talk about something else. Tacos. I was going to make seared ahi tuna tacos with avocado salsa. After work, I drove over to the Sobeys on Fisher-Hallman and of course, they were out of tuna. Instead, I bought salmon and sea bass wrapped in banana leafs. I've never cooked seafood before - but thanks to the helpful counter guy at Sobeys - I was able to grill it up to perfection. The fact that I don't like cooked seafood didn't even ruin the dinner.

Well - that's it. Niagara Falls this weekend. I know when to fold them.


Nicole said...

Did you read about Robertson's apology to Sharon's family. He is such a puke... Pat, not Ariel.

Alex said...

He is a puke - he just does it to get attention. I was reading
something today where the author said the liberal media uses Pat
Robertson to paint all Republicans and right wing people as
nutcases.....he has a small point there - but honestly, don't you
think if the Republican party could, they would tell Robertson to shut
the hell up?

The problem is that there are so many fucking idiots out there that
watch Robertson and believe what he says. Sad, just fucking sad. I'm
so depressed I could eat a cheesecake.

I'm sounding like one of the Golden Girls now.

Nicole said...

So, you gonna finish that cheesecake...