Monday, January 09, 2006

We're funding that

There's an English debate on TV tonight for the upcoming federal election. I specify that's it is an English language debate because here in Canada, they have debates in English and French. All four major party leaders are bilingual - i'm not sure if they are cunning linguists like me - but hey, we all can't be perfect. The topics of the debate are similiar to those in the states - with some interesting differences. For one thing, current Prime Minister Paul Martin just said "..we need to ban hand guns..." Now that is something no U.S. presidential canidate would ever, ever, ever, ever say. It's kind of refreshing to hear - especially since the only point of a hand gun is to kill another person. I'm not a Michael Moore-ish anti-gun fanatic. I love guns - I just want them to be on TV in the hands of Jack Bauer and the other qualified agents of CTU. The other major difference is health care. Sure, in the states there is always debate about health care. Look at the ongoing debate on that whoreific welfare program, vote buying scam called the Medicare Prescription Drug Program. We'll be (well, you'll be) paying for that thing for the rest of your lives. 10 billion my ass. 1 trillion buddies - and all to buy the votes of people who won't be around to vote again in ten years. At least i'm not bitter. I don't have a vote here - so in a very liberating way, I can sit back and see what everyone has to offer and then not worry about making a decision. My friend Dempster is voting conservative - we have an ongoing MSN nickname debate about this. Currently he is "Harper Owns Martin" and I am "I'm not being investigated by the RCMP". Having four parties makes it difficult to judge someone by their political party - then again, just two is still dificult in the states. You never know who is a Republican and who is a Democrat. Just don't waste your vote on Ralph Nader.

Now you must be wondering - if this post is about politics, why are there photos of Niagara Falls. Well, that's because we went to Niagara Falls this weekend to gamble at the Fallsview Casino Resort. It was a damn good time and I was only down ten bucks at the end of the night. Sunday we went to this pizza place called Cocos and for some reason they had a Santa and alien themed display in their front window. Still haven't figured that out yet.


Reverend Moloquin said...

Hey,Don't knock Nader man...He could come back you know...or not. Vote for Jello Biafra.

Nicole said...

I am digging the re-enactment with Laurie as santa and and the other girl as the spaceship... it really brings it home for me.