Monday, January 30, 2006

You're being moved

The U.S. National Security Agency has a Kid's Page. Let that sink in for a while. I'm not sure I understand why it's there. They have a collection of mascots and fun code making and breaking activities - so the only I thing I can think of is that the NSA is trying to train young spies like that Agent Cody Banks. Actually, I've never seen the movies - but I've got a sinking suspicion that I wouldn't like them. Personally, I prefer the the Jack Bauer school of diplomacy. I wonder who would win in a Jack Bauer vs. Dr. House battle? Put them in a room with a patient who has information vital to national security. Both Jack and Dr. House torture people - but Jack is less prone to insult his coworkers. Sure, he also tortures them and in one instance, cut their hand off - but all everyone has interoffice politics problems, eh?

You know what I haven't done in a while - bet on greyhounds. What? How did I get there? Well, Laurie just realized she needs to go walk her dog and I couldn't figure out what in the Tim Horton's commercial that was on prompted her to remember that. Then when I was asking her - I said "What reminded you to go walk your greyhound?" She doesn't have a greyhound - it's a golden retriever. In the commercial, they had a groundhog and for some reason I said "greyhound". Who knows. Anyways - I'd love to go to the track. I miss the locals shouting out "Here come's the bunny, there goes your money". The last time I went was out in Loveland, CO. They had a track next to the hotel I was at. The gig ran over the weekend - with no weekend work - so on the Saturday I went over to lose $20. They even had the Palm Beach Kennel Club on simulcast - that way I could lose money in Colorado and Florida at the same time.

So I'm eroding my masculinity by watching Project Runway. I'm not exactly "into fashion". I do own two shirts from Armani - but they're hand me downs from my dad. He knows fashion - he should, he's been a photographer for damn near forty years. The good thing about having a dad who knows fashion is that he tells me what shoes to buy. Then my girlfriend's friend always compliment me on my shoes. I'm not entirely sure what's good about that - but I'm a whore for compliments - so bring it on.

Also - lucky for us - weekly Super Bowl themed updates from Chuck Klosterman for the next couple days. Plus later this year - Chuck Klosterman IV.

Also - call me childish - but these replies to this post are fucking hillarious.

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