Thursday, February 23, 2006

Better fuel economy

Last night was poker over at Moli Moli's palacial estate. Did I spell palacial correctly? Doesn't matter - what's important is that for the first time I cleaned house. I'm not sure how I did it either. Sure, sure - gambling is half luck and half intuition - but there was something different last night. I sat down at the table and said to everyone that "...tonight is my night, i'm going to leave here with some money..." It was confidence from the start, plus a little bit of smart betting and not chasing four of a kind on pocket deuces. Moli and OB know what i'm talking about. Confidence is an amazing thing. I would consider myself pretty confident - not cocky, not cocky most of the time anyway.

In the last couple years, i've really taken to the philosophy of nothing risked - nothing gained. It's simplestic - yes - but it works. I'm not saying to jump out of a plane - you know how I feel about that. But taking a risk like trying a new food or going mountain biking even though I get winded biking across town. That was fucking stupid. I hit the cross bar pretty hard too and couldn't walk right for a week.

Tomorrow night we're off to see Shannon Runstedler in "Prelude to a Kiss" at the Galt Little Theater. I've never seen the movie - and I didn't even know it was a play. The production is supposed to be awesome - and I haven't been to a play in over two years, so it should be a rocking night. Plus we'll get to try some new place to eat - which is good, because I've been to all the good places in Waterloo and I need something new.Bryan (who I leave out of stories all the time) is coming up in two weeks - so I know we'll be having wings at Mortys. Can't complain about that. If it's one thing I love (after tacos) it is chicken wings. We're going up to Toronto to party with Sarah and Bardia for my birthday - yeah, the big 3-0. Ole' 30. Son of a bitch.

I was talking to Rob today and I think i've convinced him to start a band with me. Now he plays bass and keyboards. Moli plays guitar (the AXE) and I, well i'll be lead singer and play the cowbell. The fact that I am tone deaf will not get in the way of me winning a Grammy. Maybe it will actually - but I could get a People's Choice Award - they hand those out to anyone who shows up. In Canada they have the Geminis and the Junos - although I haven't figured out what they're for yet. Shit - i'm going to get in trouble for that. I'll ask.

The Geminis are for film and the Junos are for music. There - problem solved.

On a blog related subject - i've often been critized for picking pictures and titles that don't have anything to do with the blog entry. Personally, I just pick the title from what ever someone says on the TV the momement I start to write. As for the pictures - I pick funny things i've found. This entrie's photos are of my favourite food item - Gutherie's Golden Fried Chicken Fingers. You can learn more over at this site. I'd like a chicken finger box, no slaw, extra fries and four extra sauces.Ok - back to watch Olympic figure skating, uh - wait - I mean, oh to hell with - i'm watching figure skating. Snowboarding is over, there's nothing else on.


Nicole said...

P's on the brain - palacial, poker, philosophy, parachuting out of a plane, plays (prelude... no less), People's Choice, pictures... oh, and the wild card = chicken fingers.

Pre-Birthday Happy Wishes, A-lex!!!

Reverend Moloquin said...

I think you are the only person in the world who could pull off saying that I play the AXE...maybe it should be a hair metal band?