Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chocolate and coconut

There's fore shadowing and then there's beating me upside the head. Tonight's "Smallville" dealt with Clark getting over Duke (or is it Bo) dying in last week's episode. His mother wants to give him his father's watch - but he won't take it. Martha decides to go to Metropolis to meet with the mayor and then give some clothes to the homeless shelter. Outside the homeless shelter she is mugged and then saved by a masked super hero. I won't spoil the end, not that it would matter - but let me just lay out the "hidden" references to Clark's future -

1) The masked super hero ends up working at the Daily Planet.
2) She changes in the phone booth at the Daily Planet. Who has a phone booth in their office? Really?
3) She wears glasses in the office and contacts on her "night job".
4) She wants to defend justice.
5) In a video clip, Bo (or is it Luke) calls Clark the "man of steel" as they drive a tractor together.

Come on - there is such a thing as subtlety. It makes me miss the days of "Manimal" - the short lived, 1980's sci-fi drama on NBC. In "Manimal", the main character somehow (the details have eluded me) has the ability to turn into animals. I think he only turned into a black panther (if the show was made in the 1960's, then it might have been ironic) and a hawk. There may have been other animals. I'm not sure - but it was still AWESOME! Well, it was awesome when I was 12 years old. I'm nearly 30 now and I can pretty much say that if I saw that show today, well - i'd be freaking depressed. Thinking about "Manimal" gets me thinking about the nine episode run of NBC's "The Highwayman" which starred the guy who played Flash Gordon in the 1980's film and "Jacko" Jackson, the Australian rugby player and former Energizer battery spokesman.For some reason, NBC likes to spend a couple million on random sci-fi series, only to cancel them before the season is up. Think about "Earth 2", the weird 1960's looking show with Megan Ward, uh - Seaquest DSV. Sure, Seaquest was on for three seasons - and it did have Michael Ironside in it - and if he's there, you're sure to see some scowling and yelling. He was also in NBC's "V" - the mini-series turned regular series where the lizard aliens invade Earth. They brought him in at the end to kick a little ass. But I digress - I was talking about "The Highwayman". Now here was a weird show where these guys are futuristic US law men who drive trucks that have hidden helicopters in them. There are some many of these shows, where the plot resolution of each episode relied on some piece of technology or special power. They all failed because that just makes each episode so predictable. The only show to not suffer from this was "Knight Rider" - mainly because KITT wasn't a plot device - he was a character. He was just as, if not more, engaging than Michael Knight himself. Not David Hasselhoff. No actor is more engaging that Der Hasselhoff. He even has a website. Er tritt Esel und nimmt Namen.

So i'm messing around on the internet and i've found this link to a new film named "Dave Chapelle's Block Party". It's a concert film with Kanye West, The Fugees, Mos Def and pretty much every musical guest to ever appear on his show - this is worth the $9 ticket price at the Galaxy. This is Waterloo, not Manhattan - $9 is expensive.

Saturday night was the Panthers at Sabres hockey game over in Buffalo. I got the tickets for Christmas from Laurie's parents. Her dad has season tickets - and I had no idea the seats were so damn good. 2nd row from the boards!! We were so close, you got to see the sweat get knocked off the player's faces as they were checked. I've been to a couple NHL games in my life - but always in the nose bleeds. I am beyond spoiled now.

Ok - off to bed. Keep it real.

*** Also - updated Khansella.

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Reverend Moloquin said...

Props for Manimal...Glad some one else watched the same horrible shows as me growing up.