Sunday, February 19, 2006

Get regular

I was wondering why they call taking a dump regularly "being regular" - but then I figured it out. If you're wondering about the picture - I googled for "fiber" and this is what it gives you. Coincidentally, here is a story that bares some connection to the google found picture. One time my friend (and not coach of the Miami Heat) Pat Reilly was over at the studio of our campus TV station were I worked at the time. We were walking down the hallway and I had these "snakes" hung up - these were 100 foot cables with a patch box at one end and loose cables at the other. Pat picked up the loose end and asked me "Hey, what would happen if I shoved this up you ass?".

I looked at him and said "Well, I'd get more channels then you do."

That is a coincidence, not irony. I've always liked Steve Buschemi's quote from "Con Air" - "Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash."I feel that as a dominant species on Earth, we use the word "irony" way to often, and also incorrectly. I heard once saying that it was ironic that he had on the same shirt as another guy in the office. That's not ironic - that means that one of them was probably either A) stalking the other guy or B) also shopped at Banana Republic. Quite possibly the most incorrect use I've ever heard was when a co-worked a few years ago mentioned that it was ironic that his database had become corrupted. If the database had been advertised as uncorruptable, then that would be ironic. The Titanic sinking was ironic - and also was caused by the Dutch. Don't trust those Dutch - they're shady.

Last night we headed over to a suprise party for Alison - it was actually a suprise - thanks to everyone parking around the corner. I think that may have been only the second actual unspoiled suprise party i've ever seen. It's so tough to pull off because someone always manages to slip up and park somewhere too conspicous or accidentaly forward an email invitation for the party to the birthday person.

Ok - have to watch judging on Iron Chef - America.

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Nicole said...

Ik ook vertrouw niet op de Nederlanders.