Monday, February 13, 2006

Lay it down. Cut it.

I wore a tie to work today. There was no specific business reason to do this. No important meetings were scheduled. I was not giving a presentation or doing a training session. Actually, i'm afraid of doing in-office training sessions because the one time my boy Foster had a mild heart attack. Calling it mild doesn't quite express the shock I had - nor he. But he's fine now and kicking ass, so we'll call it mild. Actually, Foster once told me "You dress for the job you want, not the job you have." I've always liked that quote - but that's not the reason I wore tie - I simply did it to see people's reactions. The tally is:

"Do you have a job interview" - 10
"You look professional" - 1
"You look handsome" - 1
"Are you going to a wedding?" - 1

The wedding comment from Kathy confused me a bit - it's the middle of the day, why would I be going to a wedding? The professional and handsome comments stroked my already gravity producing ego. It was the "Do you have a job interview" remarks that I was hoping for . I did wear jeans too - I figured that would throw people off. It didn't. Many people made the comment that in this day and age, you could go to a job interview with jeans on. I don't believe that - I believe a job interview demands a suit and nothing less. It doesn't matter what job you are interviewing for - it shows that you are a professional and you want to succeed. When I was down in West Palm, I used to conduct the occasional interview session - I lost count of the number of people who showed up in jeans, shorts, t-shirts. This wasn't exactly an entry level job, but it wasn't management either - still, put on a shirt or blouse and slacks or a skirt and for the love of all that is holy - don't curse in your interview.

Yes, that's me fucking say that - ya heard me? I curse - everyone knows it, but I know when to curse. One applicant dropped the "f bomb" almost fifty times. Sure, once you get the job - go for it. But not before i've finished my coffee.Glen dropped some dope science on me too about my theory. It wasn't so much dope science, more like brick. I wear jeans and some kind of shirt everyday, not a dress shirt and tie - so of course people are going to ask. So in all reality, my test is completely invalid. It's ok, because i'm not a real scientist - so to hell with it. Don't forget to go spend a fortune on teddy bears holding hearts tomorrow. Who doesn't love teddy bear's holding hearts?

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Nicole said...

Dressing up in early college always drew, "Do you have a speech today?" Later on, it became "Who are you interviewing with?" There was no question it was for a job because other than tests, an interview was usually the only thing that got you out of bed and to campus in the first place.