Sunday, February 26, 2006

The man to beat here

I used to work with a guy who looked like The Rock. If you were having a corporate party and you wanted a guy there who liked The Rock, well then this is the guy who you call. I'm talking that level of doppelgangerey. We went on a couple business trips together - and there would always be at least five people who would stop and ask for an autograph. He would actually sign for people - and I was in awe of that, because a) no one asks for my autography (at least sincerely asks for mine) and b) I was amazed that he would sign it and these people belived they had an autograph from The Rock. It wouldn't suprise me if some of them ended up on eBay.

The first trip I we both went on was to Worcester, MA. Like all gigs, we worked anywhere from 10-20 hours, so if we had one day where we got out before 7pm we would always try and explore the city and grab a bite to eat. One lucky day, we got finished around six and made our way downtown to find the Applebees. Why Applebees you ask? Well, to get some fucking Riblets - that's why. We parked the rental in a lot and followed the directions from the Applebee's website. After a couple minutes of walking, we cross paths with a kid - he's maybe 12 or 13. Of course I'm thinking that he's an autograph seeker and here he is - face to face with The Rock. But no. He's not looking for an autograph. He looks up and asks us "Hey, you lookin for dem trees?"

Now I'm fucking confused. What trees? What? I look over at The Rock and he's laughing. The Rocks says "No little man, we're all good". The kid nods his head and keeps walking.

I ask The Rock what just happened.

"You know, trees." he answers.

"Trees? What?" I ask.

"Weed. Trees is weed."

Trees are weed? Now I know terms for weed (not that I have been anywhere near any illegal drugs) and I hadn't heard trees before. I'm not even sure what is more amazing - that for once no one thought this guy was The Rock or that a 12 year old tried to sell us weed. Maybe he thought he was selling The Rock weed. Maybe it was a sting by US Weekly and they wanted a cover photo of The Rock buying weed. Then I might have made it onto the cover of US Weekly. How weird would that have been?

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