Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not accepting help from strangers

It’s Thursday and that means one thing – the O.C.

Wow. I never thought in a million years that’d ever write that – and yet, here I am watching. Tonight’s episode deals with the aftermath of second-tier character Johnny’s death. He was written off the show via a drunken fall off a cliff – the drinking and climbing inspired by his broken heart – said heart broken by Micha Barton. Damn you Micha Barton – damn you to hell. Still – this isn’t about Micha Barton and her soul destroying ways – it’s about generational microverses.What the fuck? Maybe I’ve made up that term – but hear me fellow Romans. About a decade ago or so, there was this little show named “Beverly Hills, 90210”. The show dealt with the lives and constant sexual partner switching of a group of young and wealthy (via their parents) group of teens. In “90210” (that’s what the cool kids called it), they had one of those very special episodes where the promos hyped a cast members impending death. High school hallways all over the nation were a buzz with rumors of who would it be? Brandon, Brenda, Steve, Donna??? Who? Well – it was none of them. That’s the bullshit – it was some kid who was David’s best friend in the first two seasons and hadn’t been seen in about three. At some party, this kid finds his dad’s gun and tries spinning it like a cowboy and blows his brains out. It was shocking at the time – but also kind of a let down. As sick as it is – many people were hoping for a major character – but that was not to be.
Tonight, there are most likely large numbers of 14-22 year olds out there who think this is the first time a character in a show has been killed off. They’re probably viewing this the same way the previous generation viewed the special episode of “90210”.

I’m totally off point – I’m just saying that it always one generation who views some experience as completely new or original – but it’s not – it’s happened a thousand times over. Moli Moli talks about how there are only seven stories – and that the difference is in the way they are told. I too have heard this, but I can’t remember where. It could have been in a screenwriting workshop I took once – who knows? Maybe it was my 9th grade creative writing teacher Meg Medina. She called me a snake because she thought I was always up to something. She was right – I was – but that’s neither here nor there.

Everyone views things from their own time line. For my generation, the whole idea of the internet is still pretty cool. For someone ten years younger – well, they’ve grown up with it – they expect it like we expect the telephone. I’m guilty of thinking that they’re being obnoxious. That makes me a hypocrite – because I do think of cable and phone as always having been here. I don’t remember rabbit ears. I remember those old black cable boxes with the dials on front – the ones where you could slide an index card in behind the front to flip a switch to get all the channels. Tell that to a 19 year old and they have no clue what you’re talking about – they know getting a blown open card for DirecTV. Perspective can just be a bitch.

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Nicole said...

You spoke of 90210 in it's buzz years and then throw out a cast photo from the later years, shortly before they "jumped the shark." WTF?