Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rules of evidence

My friend Bryan complains about a lot of thing. This isn't because he's high strung or has a short temper, it is simply due to being from New England. Thank goodness he spent a good few years in South Florida or else he wouldn't be able to pronounce the letter "R" either. One day we were driving around town and he was pretty upset about something - I can't remember what - but it gave birth to the ultimate calming mantra - "puppies". Yes, you read that right - "puppies". From that day on, whenever I get upset, I simply repeat "puppies" over and over again and all my problems just fade away. I would put photos of puppies up at work to create a calming work atmosphere, but man - that would just be weird.

I need to go renew my health card tomorrow. It's March 1st and it expires on March 9th and after that, well, i'm not sure what happens. I'm sure I could still get care at a hospital or clinic, but there would probably just be more paperwork involved. So far, i've had really good service - and never a long wait. People warned me that there was a shortage of family doctors accepting patients - but I only had to look around for about two months. I think the problem is that people only look for a doctor when they're sick. It's kind of like not having a plumber's number around until there is a problem.Ok, tonight's "Law and Order" is insane. The judge's office was bugged by the murder suspects so they could kidnap the guy who was going to testify against them. Also, James Brolin is in it - and he looks angry. Maybe he misses "Spin City"?

Ok - back to L&O - word is bond.

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Nicole said...

Puppies, that's like three P's in just one word. Oh, and you had to bring up plumbing emergencies, didn't you... knowing the person who had recent troubles would be reading? (Why do you hurt me?)