Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In Process

I ran into OB at Home Depot over the weekend - well, not really ran into - I didn't recognize him because he was wearing a hat. He should seriously look into a career in espionage - considering a hat changes his appearance that much. Anyway - so we were talking and he mentioned reading this blog by CG - where she talks about people with children who complain when childless people talk about vacations. Maybe i'm simplifying her subject - go read, then come back.

Ok - anyway. OB has two children and was a little upset by what CG had wrote. No upset like "I'm going to cry" or "I'm going to slap you" upset - he was just viewing this from the parent point of view. It's funny because both points of view have some validation. One the one hand, he and his wife did choose to have children - so if CG goes on a vacation to Hawai'i (and did I mention I hate her), then it's not really cool for someone to say "It must be nice". On the other hand, us currently non-children having people shouldn't get upset, well - mainly because one day we (hopefully) will have children and then not be able to go anywhere. It's a vicious cycle.


On another note, Leinenkugel is coming out with a wheat beer. For those not in the know - click here. Of all beers - and I love all beers - wheat beers are my favourite. Blue Moon is my personal favourite, but i'm always willing to try anything new. Anything? Well, not anything.

If you're in the Wisconsin area, stop by your local beer selling store and pick up a 12 pack - make sure you have oranges too - nothing makes a wheat beer taste even better than a slice of orange.

Shit - I wish I hadn't of let Russ and Jen drink the rest of my Blue Moon last Saturday. I'm such a good host - even to my own detriment.

I'll have to make my way to the LCBO and see what they have in stock.

We're in the middle of painting the guest bedroom - it's an awesome olive green colour. I tried finding it on Behr.com, but couldn't. Oh well - maybe it's a Canadian only colour. Who knows? I'll take some photos later - and if you're ever a guest here, then you'll get to see it in person. Start kissing ass now.


Nicole said...

Boulevard... yumm. I'll be swinging through Chippewa Falls this weekend, maybe I'll buy myself seven or eight cases of the Sunset to get me through the week.

Also, I noticed your writing in Canadian/English a lot more - adding the 'u' to everything... how very chic.

Alex said...

I go both ways. What? No - no - prank call. Prank call.